Monday, March 27, 2017

{Weekend Recap}

I am either:
a. still recovering from the time change a few weeks ago.
b. too dang old.

Cause y'all - it's Monday evening & I could seriously go to be at 7:00.  This weekend wiped me out!  Here's a quick recap!

When I got off work on Friday, I stopped by to get some baby snuggles because it had been 2 whole days since I had seen him!!  Isn't he the cutest ever?! 
Saturday morning I got up early & headed out to the antique festival in Round Top/Warrenton.  It had rained quite a bit on Friday so it was a muddy mess.  After about 2 1/2 hours, I called it a day & headed home.  But, it's always fun to look around & I did score a few favorite being the wooden cathedral window for my bathroom {I am tossing around the idea of redoing my master this might be a start!}.
Once back in Brenham, I hit up Lowes for a few plants.  I have been in the process of giving my deck a "mini-makeover" since all of my potted plants froze this past winter.  I was also tired of the navy blue patio cushions so I put everything on Varagesale, sold it & used the money to buy new ones.  I absolutely LOVE it now!  Back to simple black & white...which is my all time fav!
One thing that I absolutely loved about our trip to Magnolia Market last year was all of their planters so I decided to replicate them.  They don't look exactly the same because mine aren't near as large & have a lot of growing to do...but I LOVE how they turned out.  
Saturday evening we headed to the lake to celebrate my cousin Kelli's 30th birthday!  It was a gorgeous night for sure!
Sunday was church, the grocery store, and yard work {& a few more baby snuggles...I can't help it! He's too darn cute!}  By yesterday evening, I'm pretty sure Nola was counting down the minutes to bedtime.
The next 3 weeks are crazy busy with work & life...but that's what keeps it interesting, right?! 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

{Baby Bo}

Happy Tuesday & 2nd day of Spring!  I'm a day late with my weekend recap, but I was getting some baby holding time in last night! =)

Yep!  Baby Bo made his debut late Friday night.  I was working the visitor center at work on Friday morning when I got this text from Colby:
A quick little schedule rearranging and Mom, Dad & I were headed to College Station.  It took a little longer than expected, but everyone was able to make it there before he arrived {including Corey, Amanda & the kiddos who had flown in from Australia that afternoon!}.
At 11:20, sweet 7lb. 13oz. Bo Jeffrey Finke arrived!  And he is perfect. 
After getting home around 2am, Amy, Khloe & I got up early Saturday morning and make a quick trip to Ikea.  
We headed back for more baby snuggles Saturday & Sunday evening and by Monday morning, this was Nola & I's thoughts on having to get up...
Bo is seriously the sweetest & cutest!  Can't wait to spoil him {hey...that's what aunts are for!!}.  Congrats again Colby & Jodie!

Monday, March 13, 2017

{Weekend Recap}

Happy Monday & welcome back "winter"!  Okay, not really "real" winter...but we did drop to the highs in the 50's yesterday.  And that's about the best we have done all year.    I had a long to do list of things I wanted to get accomplished this weekend & well, Mother Nature had other ideas.  It rained off & on most of Friday & Saturday and Sunday was cold & wet. But, despite it all - I was determined to at least check off a few things. 

Most of my list involved outdoor stuff so in between rain showers, I headed outside.  My backyard is one big, boring open space so I have been wanting to add a few flower beds, redo the area on my deck, etc.  

I still have a few things left to do (like power wash the house) & the plants have LOTS of growing to do...but I love how they turned out.  Now if I can just keep a certain 4 legged yellow lab from digging them up...

I also repainted my back door {from aqua to black}...
Gave all my patio furniture a fresh coat of paint...
And got new cushions!  I'm still waiting on new pillows & a rug to come in from Target.
Needless to say, by last night - Nola & I were both wiped out.  I've lived in my house for over 2 1/2 years & have never used my soaker tub...but last night I did & it was HEAVENLY!!  What was I thinking not using it all these year?!
Nola woke up this morning like this... {clearly in denial that we aren't on Spring Break}
And I woke up to this... {a dead battery}
No fun Spring Break plans for me...only work & more work.  Saw this the other day & oh, so true!  Good thing I am least trying to make it "pretty".  =)
Have a great week & hope your Spring Break is more exciting than mine!!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

{Life Lately}

Happy March friends!  So, the hearts came down and the Easter bunnies are going up.  Temps have been staying in the upper 70's - upper 80's so I am pretty certain we can officially say winter is over.  Some people still say we will have one more freezer before Easter...but I'm not holding my breath!

I turned 38 last Thursday & in honor of my birthday, I took the day off on the Tuesday before & had a "me" day!  Y'all, they are seriously the best.  I headed down to Houston early that morning {by myself} & spent the day going to all my favorite stores.  I didn't buy a lot, but it was so nice to just look around & not have to deal with the traffic & crowds that you deal with on the weekend.  I stopped in at Kendra Scott & got my 1/2 price birthday month pair of earrings & had lunch at one of my favs - Chick Fil A.  I was back in town by 5:00 to get a much overdue cut & color.  
Thursday was my actual birthday so I got up early & made a few breakfast treats for everyone at work.  My mom surprised me with a balloon & flowers, and I also got wine & bbq sauce. =)
That night, my family & I went out to dinner...all 22 of us!
Friday evening my favorite girlie came to spend the night with me.  She ended up staying until Sunday and Nola was in HEAVEN!  We played lots of card games, made homemade donuts on Saturday morning & spent Saturday evening with Amy & Khloe.
Sunday was spent mowing, cleaning out flower beds & mulching.   
And that's life lately!



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