Monday, March 13, 2017

{Weekend Recap}

Happy Monday & welcome back "winter"!  Okay, not really "real" winter...but we did drop to the highs in the 50's yesterday.  And that's about the best we have done all year.    I had a long to do list of things I wanted to get accomplished this weekend & well, Mother Nature had other ideas.  It rained off & on most of Friday & Saturday and Sunday was cold & wet. But, despite it all - I was determined to at least check off a few things. 

Most of my list involved outdoor stuff so in between rain showers, I headed outside.  My backyard is one big, boring open space so I have been wanting to add a few flower beds, redo the area on my deck, etc.  

I still have a few things left to do (like power wash the house) & the plants have LOTS of growing to do...but I love how they turned out.  Now if I can just keep a certain 4 legged yellow lab from digging them up...

I also repainted my back door {from aqua to black}...
Gave all my patio furniture a fresh coat of paint...
And got new cushions!  I'm still waiting on new pillows & a rug to come in from Target.
Needless to say, by last night - Nola & I were both wiped out.  I've lived in my house for over 2 1/2 years & have never used my soaker tub...but last night I did & it was HEAVENLY!!  What was I thinking not using it all these year?!
Nola woke up this morning like this... {clearly in denial that we aren't on Spring Break}
And I woke up to this... {a dead battery}
No fun Spring Break plans for me...only work & more work.  Saw this the other day & oh, so true!  Good thing I am least trying to make it "pretty".  =)
Have a great week & hope your Spring Break is more exciting than mine!!


  1. Where did you buy your cushions? I have the same set and need new ones too.....hard to find deep cushions like that! You always fix things up sooo cute!

    1. Thank you!! They are actually the Better Homes & Garden brand from Wal-Mart! I ordered several sets from other places & they didn't fit...but these fit perfectly! They have them online & in store...these are the tan colored ones - but I think they are more of a light, linen color.

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