Tuesday, November 7, 2017

{It's Football Y'all}

Happy Tuesday, friends!  Another one of my favorite things about fall is of course football!  Besides our road trip, I normally try to make one game at Kyle Field a year so this past Saturday - Amy, Khloe, Mason & I went to watch the Aggies get beat by Auburn.  

Seriously y'all, can we take a moment to discuss just how frustrating being an Aggie fan can be?!  We are in the SEC, we are a large school with lots of money, we sign some pretty darn good recruits...yet we can't win a game to save our soul.  What the heck?!  Clearly it's a coaching issue & I am fairly certain that after Saturday, that is going to change at the end of this season.

Anyway, back to the game.  It was hot & humid and not football weather by any stretch of the imagination but we had a great time!  This there's not much to say about the game, I'll just share a few pictures.
We lost 42-27.  So, not the ending we were hoping for, but hopefully we can at least win one more game to become bowl eligible.  You would think by now that us Aggies would be used to the disappointment...but it's just as frustrating week after week, season after season.  

Maybe next year.  Ha!

Friday, November 3, 2017

{Halloween 2017}

Happy Friday y'all!  Can you believe it's November already?!  Despite the fact that my Christmas tree is up {still not decorated} - Halloween was in full force on Tuesday!  

Nola went to doggy daycare to celebrate with them...
 We had a hamburger lunch at work...
Shortly after it was over, the rain started.  And unfortunately it rained off & on most of the day & night and put a major damper on trick-or-treating.  But Nola was ready for the kiddos to come!
Amanda, Morgan, Ella & Ellie came over and helped pass out candy between rain showers.  And I had some pretty cute Astros players stop by.  It started out slow, but once the rain slowed around 7:30, we had a steady line of trick or treaters & and was out of candy by 8:30.  I think I had around 150 kiddos stop by?!
Speaking of the Astros, it was game 6 of the World Series so this was kind of the theme of the night. Ha!
After everyone left, Nola & I crawled in bed & watched the Astros lose game 6.  No worries, they came back on Wednesday & won game 7 to win the World Series for the first time ever!  
And I had to laugh at this... {cause it's oh so true!}
Have a great weekend!

Monday, October 30, 2017

{Life Lately}

....has been crazy.  Seriously y'all - there's just not enough hours in the day sometimes.  It's the absolute best time of the year...and also the busiest!  

The weekend after we got back from Florida, Morgan spent a few nights with me.  We carved a pumpkin...which y'all - I don't think I have ever done in my life.  Shameful I know!  We had a so much fun doing it...she designed it, drew it out, cleaned it out & carved it almost all on her own.  It turned out great!
And we baked Halloween cookies!
Nola was absolutely thrilled beyond words to have her there all weekend.
 And seriously y'all - what is cuter than a cute baby in a pumpkin patch?!
Then this past weekend nearly did me in.  I took off Friday, went to Houston & helped Amanda pick out her granite slabs, cleaned house all day & then went to a birthday party that night.  Saturday morning, I got up & headed to Bellville for Morgan's very first horse show!  She was as cool as a cucumber & did fabulous!
I came home and finished cleaning & cooking because I hosted a Halloween party at my house that evening!  We had about 35 people there, a few cool costumes & lots of yummy food!  We went on a hayride {minus the hay}, watched the Astros & Aggies lose & made s'mores on the firepit.  Overall, a really fun night!  I absolutely love opening my home to others.
I spent most of Sunday cleaning & catching up around the house.  I watched a few Hallmark Christmas movies {is anyone else as excited about them being back on as me?!}, cooked a pot of taco soup & then stayed up until after 1am watching the Astros.  Seriously y'all, it was a CRAZY game, but thankfully they pulled it out in the end.  Hopefully tomorrow night they can win it all!!  Needless to say, this morning - we were both kinda like this...
Oh yes, and I almost forgot.  This happened too last night.  🙈  I just couldn't wait any longer & the Astros were making me mad.  It's not decorated {yet}, but I wanted to try it in a new place this year  that required rearranging the furniture.  Once I did that - I had to put the tree up to see if it fit!  More to come soon!!
Here's to lots of caffeine & a fabulous week! Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

{Welcome To The Swamp}

Hi friends!  I am a little behind {what's new?!}, but 2 weeks ago we went on our annual football road trip!  This year we were Florida bound!  I was super excited because I had never been to Florida before...so I can now check another state off my list!  Not going to lie, it was a LONG, boring trip.  I am pretty sure I-10 looks the exact same from Texas, to Louisiana, to Mississippi, to Alabama, to Florida....all 15+ hours of it!

We packed up & headed out around 9am Thursday morning.  Someone was not happy about me leaving.  But, don't let that face fool you...my mom & dad stayed with her the entire weekend {their idea, as my mom was certain she would not like being boarded}.  To say she got spoiled while I was gone is an understatement.  
First stop - Buc-ee's!  I mean, hello!!  What would a road trip be without a stop at Buc-ee's?!  
We finally made it out of Texas...geez why does that take forever?!  We made a few pit stops & had a picnic in a gas station parking lot.
Our halfway point was Biloxi, Mississippi so we stayed there Thursday night.  We put our feet in the Gulf, had dinner & drinks on a patio over looking the ocean & left a little money in Harrah's Casino.  We were back in the hotel, in our pj's watching football by 10pm.  We are a bunch of party animals aren't we?!  Ha!
We got up Friday morning, lost a little more money in the casino & then hit the road....after a stop at Cracker Barrel for lunch of course.  Yes, we drive halfway across the country & eat at Cracker Barrel.  Y'all, it's kinda our thing.  I think we ate there twice on this trip, at least.  And have you ever shopped there?!  They have the cutest stuff!
After what seemed like f-o-r-e-v-e-r, we finally made it to Florida!  We checked into our hotel...and then hit the road again.  Seeing a pattern here?  We spent A LOT of time in the car.  We stayed about an hour north of Gainesville in Lake City so we headed down for supper & Midnight Yell.  We found a delicious, but crazy packed, pizza place/sports bar.  We finally got a table & enjoyed a few hours of pizza, drinks, shots & the Houston Astros.
Shortly before 12:00, we headed across the street to Midnight Yell.  Y'all, the Aggies represented in Florida!!  It was a full house.
We made the hour trek back to Lake City, crawled in bed around 2:00am...then got up & headed back to Gainesville Saturday morning.  We lucked out & finally - THERE WAS NO RAIN!!  Woohoo!!  Those of you who have been following me for a while know it rains every single time we go on a road trip.  Don't get me wrong, Florida takes hot & humid to a whole new level, but it really was a gorgeous day.  We walked around campus, checked out the Blue Bell tailgate & even spotted a gator!  Y'all, they roam freely around campus.  There is a lake in the middle that is home to lots of them, but we ran out of time & never made it over there.  A security guard warned us to be on lookout & not to get too close if we saw any.
Kick-off was at 7:00 & y'all - The Swamp comes by it's name honestly.  Hot & humid was an understatement.  But we survived & that place can ROCK IT!  The whole gator chomp thing is quite possibly my favorite thing ever.  It's a close race between them & Alabama for having the best game time experience.  In typical Aggie fashion, there were lots of highs & lows and fortunately, we pulled it out in the end with a thrilling interception to end the game 19-17.  
Because it was a 15 hour drive home, we decided to get a jump start on Saturday night after the game.  We drove about 3 hours & around 3am, pulled into a hotel in Midway, Florida & slept for a few hours.  8am came way too early, but we were back on the road again. Rain & LOTS of traffic made the trip home way longer than it should have been but we finally pulled back into Brenham around 9pm.
We ate too much, we drank too much & we gossiped too much, but y'all - we had a blast!  People often look at us like we are crazy when we say we are driving, but the road trip is my absolute favorite part!  Another epic road trip in the books & another SEC stadium checked off the list.  Let the planning for South Carolina 2018 begin!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

{Knock, Knock...Who's Still There?}

Oh my goodness!  Somehow almost an entire month has passed since I blogged last.  Seriously y'all, life if flying by way too fast these days.  Slow the heck down already!!  While this time of the year is my absolute favorite, it's also be busiest.  So, here's what's been happening in my life lately...

I got up early one Saturday morning & headed out to Round Top/Warrenton to do a little shopping.  I came home with an old sled {it's never too early to start thinking Christmas decor!} & a few other goodies.
I went to our local county fair.  The headliner Saturday night was Dwight Yoakam & I so I had to go!  But one night was more than enough...I'm too old to hang with the young folks! =)
I've gotten to babysit these cuties a few times.
I hosted our 4th annual Ralston Creek National Night Out at my house.  We had about 60 people there!  It rained off & on all night, but that didn't stop anyone from having a great time!
I went to our homecoming parade.
And had a garage sale at my house {the last 3 things all in the SAME WEEK...what was I thinking?!}
I decorated for Halloween.
And had my fall tablescape featured in an online magazine.  How cool is that?!
Got stuck in traffic on 290 for almost 3 hours one Saturday due to a 13 car pileup.
Had a girl's night with the ladies at work.
And finally, planned our Florida road trip which we leave for on Thursday!!  I absolutely cannot wait!
So there you have it!  Everything I have been up to the past month.  Man, makes me kinda tired just recalling it all!  But, I absolutely love it & wouldn't have it any other way!  Like I said, we leave on Thursday morning for Florida & I'll be back next week with a recap!

Happy Fall Y'all!



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