Monday, May 14, 2018

{Happy Mother's Day!}

Happy Monday, y'all!  So a little birdie told me that Hobby Lobby started putting Fall stuff out this weekend.
Guess where Casey is going on Saturday? =)

I know, I know.  It's too early to start thinking about fall, but y'all - we have temps in the upper 90's this week & I am already over it.

Anyway, back to May & Mother's Day!  

I rarely cook these days, but Friday night I decided to stay home & have a "me" night...complete with wine & a steak on the grill!
We celebrated Mother's Day on Saturday evening at mom & dad's.  It was a gorgeous evening complete with BBQ & a ride on the Ranger!
Sunday was church, lunch with mom, yard work & the start of a project...which I do not like so I'll be redoing it this week.  Clearly I like to make extra work for myself.
I'm feeling a day off in my near future.  Or a vacation.  Something! 
What to do?!  What to do?!  Hmm...stay tuned! =)

Monday, May 7, 2018

{Weekend Recap}

Happy May!  We are actually almost 1/4 of the way did that happen?!  I've decided that May is almost as crazy busy as December!

This past weekend was the 128th Brenham Maifest!  {You can read all about it here.}  Rain threatened on Friday, but thankfully it held off & everything was able to go as planned.
Saturday was Cinco de Mayo & of course it could not go uncelebrated so margaritas & queso it was!
Sunday I was up early & back down at Maifest to help cleanup {I'm on the board so it's part of my duties}.  A quick trip to HEB & Lowes afterwards and then it was home to work on flowerbeds.  I have one along my back fence that was about 16' long...but I decided to double it.  I was pretty sure I was going to die a few times.  Seriously I'm getting too old for stuff like this. =)  It will take a while to all grow & fill in, but I can't wait til it's a wall of color!
After I finished that, I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening with this cutie!
...who was super proud to be helping me walk Nola... =)
{and yes, he's holding on to her CLEAN!! poop bag that's attached to her leash.}
And here it is Monday again & another busy week ahead!

Monday, April 23, 2018

{Life Lately}

Hey y'all!  I only thought the end of last year went by fast...pretty sure the first few months of 2018 have it beat. Seriously y'all it's almost May!  School will be ending, triple digit temps will be returning to Texas & Hobby Lobby will be getting in their Fall decor! =)

So what have I been up to the past few weeks?  Here's a quick glimpse!

I worked on my cookie making skills by making 4 dozen softball cookies for my Godchild.
When everyone else's yards starting greening out & mine didn't, I quickly realized I had a problem.  Sure enough, I have take-all patch {root rot}.  Y'all, I know it's just a yard, but I have stressed over it, lost sleep over it, cried over it...we are trying our best to save it, but I'm not too hopeful.
So to drown my sorrows, I went for margaritas & Mexican food with friends.
That weekend, these little cuties had a sleepover at Aunt Casey's.  Bo even slept til 9:30!
This past Saturday night was Aggie Muster {where we honor all of the Aggies that have passed away during the previous year}.  Our guest speaker was Aggie football great Ryan Swope.
And we spent Sunday in Bellville watching Morgan compete in her 2nd horse show...and she did fabulous!
Followed by spending a few hours with this little guy.
And now it's Monday & here we go again!  Another busy few weeks with meetings, CCA banquet, Maifest & school programs.  I'll rest when I'm old, right?! =)
Have a great week!!

Monday, April 2, 2018

{Easter Weekend Recap}

Happy Monday, y'all!  Not gonna lie, I am t-i-r-e-d.  This weekend kicked my butt!  As I mentioned last week, I decided to take off Wednesday & Thursday {we already had Friday off} and have an extra long holiday weekend.  So thankful I did {& I really could have used today off as well...ha!} 

I woke up Wednesday to rain, rain & more rain.  Like 5 1/2" of rain!  But, as a result - I got most of my house cleaned that day. Thursday I got up early & made a quick trip to Houston to return a few things & get some last minute Easter goodies I needed.  Everyone came over that evening & brought their garage sale stuff & we kicked it off bright & early at 7am Friday!

The garage sale was a huge success.  We had LOTS of stuff, but got rid of a majority of it.  These cuties were bright-eyed & bushy-tailed...while I over slept.  Oops!
We closed up shop around 5:30 so everyone packed up & headed home.  I spent the next couple of hours cleaning & baking because I was hosting Easter Saturday evening.  Call me crazy {and there were a few times that I thought I might have lost my mind}, but it all turned out great!  I had a house {& yard} full...30 with kiddos I believe.  But it was a gorgeous evening so we spent most of it outside.  We had lots of yummy food & way too much candy, but I think everyone had a great time.  I love opening my house to others so it was the perfect evening. 
Sunday I was up before the crack of dawn {literally} to go to Sunrise Easter service at church.  Aside from the candlelight Christmas Eve service, this is my next favorite.  It was another gorgeous morning & the best part, I was back at home & in bed by 9am.  =)  Nola & I spent the rest of the day at home, resting & recovering.
Hard to believe that another 2018 holiday has come & gone...this year is flying by!  Hope that you had a blessed Easter, surrounding by those you love!

Monday, March 26, 2018

{Partyin' & Junkin': Weekend Recap}

Happy Monday, y'all! Can you believe it's the last week of March & that Easter is this Sunday?  How the heck did that happen?! 

This weekend was another busy one.  Saturday we celebrated sweet baby Bo turning 1!  Colby & Jodie hosted a party at their house complete with cake, Easter egg hunt & a pinata!  Here are a few pics...
The wrapping paper was clearly his favorite.  Ha! =)
On Sunday, I got up & headed to Warrenton for the Antique Festival.  It was hot & humid and by about 2:00, I was exhausted & headed home.  I scored a few good finds...but could have spent a lot more $$ if I had it!  These mantels y'all.  ALL the heart eyes!!
It's a 2 day work week for me & then I am taking the rest of the week off.  Friday I am having a garage sale at my house & Saturday I'm hosting Easter so  I need to get ready for that.  And, well, I just need a break.  January - April is my busy time at work. This year I juggled my old job & my new job so for my sanity, I need a few days away. =)

Happy {early} Easter!



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