Friday, June 23, 2017

{Friday Favorites}

Happy Friday!! Today I am linking up with Andrea, Erika & Narci and sharing some of my favorites!

Slumber parties with this girl are my favorite {& Nola's too!}.
Celebrating the upcoming arrival of my cousin's baby - Addie Lynn!  Can't wait to meet her next week.  All these new babies are definitely a favorite.
Blessing my brother & sister-in-law's new house with messages was so fun last Sunday & definitely a favorite!  Some friends & I did this at my house and it's so neat knowing those messages of love & friendship are tucked behind the walls.
Baseball, baseball & more baseball! My nephew is playing All Stars right now so most evenings have been spent at the ballpark.  Watching him play is definitely a favorite!
Girl's nights that involve a happy hour & trip to Target are my most favorite of all! =)
We had a small tropical storm make landfall near the border of Texas & Louisiana this week.  Unfortunately no rain for us, but the sunsets this week have definitely been a favorite!
And of course, what would a post be without my FAVORITE dog in the whole world?!  Seriously y'all - does she have the life or what?!
Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 16, 2017

{Life Lately}

So I missed my {last} weekend recap so I figured I would do a life lately post! =)  

Happy Friday, friends!  Summer is in full swing here in Texas{even though its not even official yet}...and it's HOT!  I am counting down the days til our first cold front.  No matter what you do to try & convince me - I will never like summer. 

Anyway, here is what I have been up to...a little of life lately!

Last Friday, Nola & I watched the Aggies blow a 6-0 lead - only to have the game tied up & go into 15 innings.  Thankfully they won & are now headed to the College World Series & they play this weekend!  Whoop!
Saturday we celebrated Morgan's birthday with fajitas at Corey & Amanda's.
Sunday was the Blue Bell picnic.  I helped so I was there from 9am - about a LONG day!  But it was a fiesta theme & so much fun!
Sunday evening was Khloe's birthday party at the Aquatic Center.  I didn't swim, but the weather was nice & it was so relaxing just sitting there & doing nothing after a busy day.
The rest of this week was work, meetings, & mowing the yard.  It took me 2 nights because I nearly died after mowing half.  This weekend kicks off All-Stars for Mason so hopefully we will be spending the next few weeks at the ballpark!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, June 5, 2017

{Sleepovers, Dance Recitals & RAIN!}

Happy Monday friends!  Is it just me or do those things come WAY too quick?!  It's like - Friday at 5:00, blink, Monday at 8:00.  It was another busy weekend...& I'm thinking it might take me a few days to recover from this one! =)

Friday I left work a little early & headed out to Silver Wings for Morgan's birthday skating party.  No, I did not skate as I am certain that would end with a broken something.  This is the only picture I got...didn't even get one of the birthday girl!
Saturday morning, Colby & Jodie brought Bo over for his first sleepover!  Jodie heads back to work next week so they wanted to go on one last little over night trip.
The house was definitely in full-on baby mode. =)
He is such a sweet, happy little guy & we had the best time with him!  Morgan came over & spent the night as well to help out and he absolutely loved her...we got the biggest smiles!
I was most worried about sleeping Saturday night.  Bo slept like a champ; he went to bed at 11:00, woke up at 5:00 for a bottle & went back to sleep until 8:30.  I, on the other hand, was worried to death about him so I slept very little.  I am a worry wart...what can I say {proof here by the number of alarm clocks I set to wake up & check on him. ha!}.
Based on his smiles Sunday morning, I think he had a great time at his first sleepover at Aunt Casey's!
Nola wasn't sure what to think.  She spent most of Saturday either outside or in my room since we had so many people coming & going.  Sunday, since it was just Morgan, Bo & I, I let her in.  She sniffed him once & then didn't go near him again. She either laid on the porch or in the corner of the yard like she was scared of him.  Last night after everyone left and it was just her & I - she wouldn't leave my side.  Jealous much?! =)
Saturday afternoon, mom & dad came to town and watched Bo while Morgan & I went to Khloe & Lilly's dance recital.
And, thankfully after several weeks of no rain, we got a really nice rain yesterday afternoon.  Nola & I took advantage of the stormy weather & got in a really nice nap. =)
This week is the Maifest wrap-up meeting & dinner, as well as more birthday parties & the Blue Bell picnic.  June is shaping up to be another crazy busy month....such is life I guess!
Have a great week & gig'em Aggies!  BTHO UofH!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

{Memorial Day Weekend Recap}

Happy Tuesday!  Hope everyone enjoyed their extended weekend & the unofficial "kickoff" to summer.  But let's not forget those who lost their lives so we could have these freedoms.
Thursday was Mason's 6th grade graduation.  He will be moving from St. Paul's to public school in the fall!
Friday morning, this cute little guy came to Blue Bell!
Friday evening I stayed home & listened to the Cubs on the radio.  I think for the first time since I have moved into my house, I sat outside, had a glass of wine & ate supper on my deck.  It was quite nice I do have to say!
Saturday I mowed & then spent the rest of the afternoon working on adding lights around my firepit.  I needed a way to connect them from the house so I decided to concrete in 2 posts.  Unfortunately I have zero patience & attached the lights too soon.  The tension loosened the posts & on Sunday, I could literally just pull them out of the ground. I dug it all up & tried again, letting it cure for over 24 hours this time & it worked great!  Lesson learned...but I LOVE how it turned out.  Can't wait to host some parties back there.
Clearly all that hard work was exhausting for Nola...
Sunday was church, lunch with mom & then a crawfish boil at Clayton & Kelli's!
Monday I decided to tackle my guestroom closet. #homedecorloverproblems  Seriously y'all, it was BAD.  It's still not the greatest, but at least you can see the floor now & I added some stuff to the garage sale pile!
Last night I grilled some chicken breasts for the week & caught up on laundry...exciting life I live I tell ya! =)  Now it's back to work & a calendar full of things to do {I only thought it was going to get better...ha!}.
How many more days til the next holiday?!

Monday, May 22, 2017

{Weekend Recap}

So, what happens when you sleep in on Sunday & then take a nap to catch up on all the sleep you've been missing out on the past few weeks?  You don't sleep AT ALL on Sunday night.  Seriously y'all - I was awake all. night. long.  I watched every hour on the clock & it sucked.  I generally don't have a hard time going to or staying asleep, but I've had a busy few weeks.  I was tired yesterday so we slept in & took a nap late yesterday afternoon {something else I don't generally do}.  But let me tell you - I'm paying for it today!  

Anyway...back to my weekend recap!  Friday night I got a call from my mom around 8:15 that they were headed back to the ER with my grandma.  She had just been there the night before for a bad UTI, but they released her Friday afternoon & by Friday evening - she had fallen.  Thankfully nothing was broke & after several hours, they released her.  I went up for a few minutes & ended up bringing this cutie home with me for a sleepover!
Morgan left around 11:00 & I made a quick trip to College Station.  I was starting to have Target withdrawals. =)  They had the cutest 4th of July dollar spot stuff so I couldn't leave empty handed!  Then I went to Hobby Lobby & they were putting out their fall stuff....most people think I am completely nuts but it made my day!   Honestly there is nothing I like about summer so hurry up August {yes, even though it's still 105 outside, I consider that the "start" of fall}.
Speaking of fall - check out my pumpkin patch!  I am going to be so disappointed if I don't get any pumpkins to grow so keep your fingers crossed!!
I did do a little decorating with my red, white & blue that I will keep up for Memorial Day & 4th of July.  Here's a sneak peek!  
Sunday, Nola & I were bums.  I admit it...and it felt good to do nothing.  We watched Hallmark movies, took a nap, went for a walk & for the first time in a long time - I fixed a "real" supper {meatloaf is my fav!}.
5 more work days & then I have a long weekend...can't wait.
Happy Monday, friends!!

Friday, May 19, 2017

{Life Lately}

Hey y'all & Happy Friday!  May is flying is almost out, temps are about to be in the 100's and Hobby Lobby is about to have their fall stuff out! =)

Once again, it's been a busy week so here's a quick recap...

Friday was the 2 year anniversary of the Blue Bell layoff. Not exactly the kind of anniversary you want to celebrate, but it's fun to get together &  celebrate the fact that we still get to work together!
Saturday I got to babysit my favorite little guy for a few hours.  Seriously y'all, he is the sweetest baby ever.  I mean - just look at him!
Sunday was Mother's Day & we celebrated with burgers at Colby & Jodie's.  The early part of the week involved class reunion meetings, baseball & cleaning house like a mad woman.  I have gotten to where I hate cleaning house.  Hate. It.  But, I helped host a baby shower for my friend Carol on Thursday evening so some deep cleaning went down this week.  Like baseboards, ceilings {dang spiderwebs drive me CRAZY!!}, mini name it - it got cleaned.

Last night was the shower!  We had a house full of great food & great friends...all of who can't wait to meet sweet Megan in July!
This weekend I have NOTHING on the agenda & I am pumped.  The house is clean & the yard is mowed.  Sleeping late & a trip to Target sound good to me! =) 

Have a great weekend!



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