Friday, March 16, 2018

{Finally Friday}

Hello, it's me.  

Seriously y'all...I've been a flunky.  But, life happens.  Quite honestly I am not sure where the first 3 1/2 months of the year went!  I am swamped at work so the days fly by & I'm pretty sure I've had something every weekend. So, you blink & another week has come & gone.

But when I looked back for pics to blog about - I don't have many.  Ha!  So really, I have no clue what I've been doing the past few weeks...but here's a little glimpse.

I took Mason & a few of his friends to an A&M baseball game one evening.  I gotta admit, while baseball is probably my 2nd favorite sport, there's a BIGGGGG jump between my 1st & 2nd.  Football has my heart through & through.  And yes, we were in jackets & wrapped in blankets because it was was COLD!
Poor Nola hasn't been feeling well.  About a week & a half ago, she started limping & hasn't stopped since.  We went to the vet last Friday & they gave her pain pills and told me to come back this week if she wasn't better.  Well, she wasn't better so we went back to the vet yesterday.  4 x-rays later & they concluded there is nothing wrong...but she's still limping?!  So who knows...maybe a sprain or bruise?!
It has been hard to keep her down because we have had some gorgeous days.  Time changed last weekend so it's staying light until well after 7 o'clock & all she wants to do is go for walks & play.
And finally, this sweet boy turns 1 tomorrow!!  How is that possible?!  Seems like just yesterday I got the text from Colby that they were on their way to the hospital, followed by the next 12 hours in the waiting room & finally meeting Bo around midnight.  
Happy Friday, friends!  Tonight it's Mexican food & margaritas with the besties.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Last Friday I turned 39.
One year from 40.

The past 2 years I have shared posts with my thoughts on getting another year older & well, not much has changed this year.  You can read those posts here & here
Same thoughts, same house, same job {although I did get a promotion in June}. Still just Nola & I.  I did get a new car in September & I went to NYC in December. 

So overall, I can't complain too much about 38...and so far, 39's not too bad either.

Thursday, mom brought me flowers to work.
 And Friday, Corey, Amanda & the kiddos had flowers delivered.
I brought treats to work for everyone.
And that night, all the ladies in the family & a few friends decided to do a painting at Palettes & Pairings, a local business downtown Brenham.  We've talked about it for years & finally decided to do it!  
The best part is - you get to bring snacks & wine! =)
I went online & picked my top 3 pictures & everyone voted to paint...
Yep!  We painted pumpkins in February.  I mean, it's never too early to start thinking ahead to fall! =)
Surprisingly enough, everyone's picture turned out great & we had a blast!    We ended the night with Mexican food at Los Cabos & cake!
Cheers to 39.  Will it be the best one yet?  Who knows...but I'm ready to see!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

{Life Lately}

Oh my goodness, y'all!  It's been almost 3 weeks since I have posted & it's almost the end of February.  What the heck?!  This is always a busy time for me...which is a good thing because it's not my favorite time of year.  So the quicker it goes the better!  

We have officially had the longest, coldest, wettest & darkest winter we have had in YEARS!  Don't get me wrong, I love the colder temps & am not ready for summer...but a little sunshine would be nice.  We are like on day 15 of rain & clouds...and it's getting REALLY old.  But we better get used to it because, unfortunately, they are forecasting the same for the next 10 days.  Ugh.

So, last time I left y'all, I had just hosted a Super Bowl party.  The following week was a vet appointment for Nola {which is always an ordeal because she HATES riding in the car}, dinner with Kelly & Carol, dinner to celebrate Emma's birthday & time with these cuties.
I decided around 9 o'clock one night to repaint my pantry.  It was white when I moved it & about a year later, I decided to paint it aqua.  I got tired of that & decided to go back to white.  Of course that led to a complete pantry overhaul, but I love the way it turned out!
 I have a couple of other projects coming that involves shiplap!
The 14th was of course Valentine's Day.  My dang flowers got lost AGAIN! Ha! =)  Good thing I had this cute Valentine to keep me company.  
I got to spend Friday night with this cute little guy.  He is seriously the sweetest, easiest going baby.  Can you believe he is going to be a year next month?!  
I decided to take Monday off & spend the day in Houston, by myself, going to all my favorite stores.  I started doing this a few years ago around my birthday & I have the best time.  I spend as little or as long at each store as I want and nothing is too crowded since it's a week day.  I definitely need to do this more often!
My deal of the day was when I scored all of this Magnolia Hearth & Hand at Target....$150 worth for $15!! They had just marked it down 90%. Can you say right place at the right time?!
And because she has been feeling seriously neglected lately & she's so darn cute. =)
Tomorrow is my birthday.  39.  I will be 39.  It's the last one I will officially stop counting. Ha! =) 
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

{Super Bowl 52 Par-tay!}

Happy Wednesday!  Who was excited to see anyone but the Patriots win the Super Bowl on Sunday?! Ha!  I'm a Cowboys fan {& we sucked this year} so honestly it really didn't matter to me who won, but it was nice to see the underdogs get the win.  Sorry, but I am just not a fan of Tom Brady.

Regardless of who won, it gave me an excuse to host a party & that's always a win for me!  The past few years I have hosted a few friends/coworkers & I was nominated to do so again this year.  One reason I don't mind is because it gets my butt in gear to get my house clean!
I actually finished & was ready about an hour before everyone was set to arrive so it was nice just to sit down & relax.  
And yes, we used our CrockPots {if you watch This Is Us, you know what I mean. Ha!}
As usual, we had WAY too much food but man was it delicious! 
Justin Timberlake did not disappoint at halftime {although it would have been cool if NSYNC would have performed like it was rumored}.
This always makes me laugh {& there were a few more on the other side of the kitchen}.
I know we might be a little boring for some, but it's a night filled with football, friends & it doesn't get much better than that for me!
Once everyone left & I finished getting everything cleaned up, I sat down & watched the highly anticipated episode of This Is Us.  It wasn't quite as sad I thought it would be but I still shed a few tears.  Now, last night's episode was another story...good thing we get a few weeks off to recover. =)
Y'all, I don't want to rush the next few months but it's just not my favorite time of the year.  Work is crazy busy, the weather is just kinda damp & yucky, my yard & plants are all still dead, baseball isn't my favorite's just kinda ugh.  If I could repeat September - December over & over again, I totally would.  February is my birthday month though so let the celebrating begin!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

{Happy Adoption Day, Nola!}

Hey y'all!  Last Friday we celebrated Nola's 3 year adoption day!  Can you believe it's been that long?!  Seems like only yesterday I was signing papers on this sweet puppy.  You can read all about her adoption here.
To say she is spoiled is an understatement.
She loves to lay a huge guilt trip on me when I leave her {don't worry...her grandparents come babysit so she doesn't even have to be boarded!}
 She loves me, but Morgan is still her favorite person in the whole world.
She's developed a phobia of walking on the wood floors when her feet are wet... she fell once & she hasn't forgotten.  Crazy dog!
We take the holidays serious around our house & celebrate every one...costumes, flannel pj's, presents & all!
She might not look too thrilled, but don't let her fool you...she secretly loves it! Ha! =)
She got to experience her first snow & ice days.  She wasn't to sure what to think at first, but once she realized her toys & bones were buried under all that while stuff, it was game on!
She turned 3 in November {which of course we celebrated...but note to self, she does not like balloons}.
She still absolutely hates car rides, even if I take her to do fun things.  She goes into full on panic mode, shaking & slobbering everywhere.  Needless to say, we don't go many places.
I know she's "just a dog" to many, but y'all, she is seriously the best.  Don't get me wrong, some days I would love to just come home & do nothing, but nope - she's not going to let that happen.  Going for a walk is her absolute favorite thing in the world to do.  Just say the word & she will be sitting at the gate waiting to we go just about every single day {even if it's at 10 o'clock at night}.  And she would play chase 24/7 if she had someone to play with her.  
She still doesn't sleep through the night {she takes 2 potty breaks on average}, but give her a dark room & her blanket and she will sleep to 10am on a Saturday morning if you let her.  And so for that I am thankful.  =)
She still sheds an extra dog every day and randomly chews up a shoe from time to time {& dryer sheets...those are her fav}....but I can't imagine life without her.



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