Monday, July 9, 2018

{Happy 4th!}

Hey y'all!  Hope everyone had a happy 4th!  Clearly I'm a little late with my recap...seeing as it's already the 9th...but better late than never, right?!

As planned, we spent a quiet 4th at home...and I gotta admit - it was kinda nice!  When it's in the middle of the work week, it's kind of a bummer.  On Tuesday evening after work, the ladies & I went out for margaritas & Mexican food.  Wednesday morning, Nola & I slept in.  I mean, it's a shame this dog is so mistreated. =)
Around 10am, it started raining & then rained most of the day.  Rainy weather makes me want to bake so since I couldn't make s'mores outside - I decided to make an inside take on them.  They were really good & you can find the full recipe here.  I cheated a little...I took pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough {the proportioned kind you get from school fundraisers} & put it inside a greased mini muffin pan.  I baked at 350 for about 10 minutes & then immediately pressed down a large marshmallow into each cookie {I didn't read the part where you were supposed to use half...oops!}.  Put under the broiler until toasted & then top with a piece of Hershey bar.  Let cool completely before removing from the pan.  When the rain stopped, I also grilled burgers!
We watched fireworks from the comfort of the couch {& bed}...needless to say - they do not bother Nola.
On Thursday, we released our first snack product in over 3 years!!  Such an exciting day!!
Hurts Donuts from Katy also came to town Thursday for a fundraiser for the fire department.  I heard so many things about them so I figured I better give them a try. Unfortunately you could only buy them by the dozen & I gotta be honest, I wasn't impressed.  Maybe it's because they had traveled & sat for a while...but they were just ok.  The blueberry was my favorite.  I sampled a few & then the majority went in the trash. =(
Saturday I made a quick trip to College Station before the rain returned.  Check out the weather in front of me & the weather in my side mirror...crazy!  I made it home just in rained off & on the rest of the weekend.  Nola & I took full advantage & spent most of the weekend snuggled on the couch {& floor} watching Hallmark movies.  Speaking of - Christmas in July starts Friday & I absolutely cannot wait!!
More rain in the forecast this week {which is a God-send in July} so I see more couch time & Hallmark movies in our future!

Monday, July 2, 2018

{June Recap}

Happy July 1st!  We are now halfway through the year, another month has passed....and I only blogged once.  What can I say?!  Life happened.

June was another super busy month.  Seriously, I think everyone I know has birthday in June!  Here's a quick recap of what I did the second half of June!

Last weekend, Bo spent 2 nights with me!  Colby & Jodie headed to Matagorda and Bo & Morgan stayed with me!  Saturday we went to Waller to watch Mason play baseball, followed by lunch at Burger King.  We did a little swimming & a whole lot of playing.  Nola, of course, was in Heaven because we had all these people at our house all weekend!
Wednesday was our boss Diana's retirement party.  She has been there 49 years & my boss for 22...things are not going to be the same anymore without her. =(
I found a few packets of pumpkin seeds so I am trying my hand at growing pumpkins again.  If you remember last year, I failed miserably.  I probably will again this year too...but dang it - I'm determined! {and I have no clue why this stupid pic won't just turn your head!}
We had one or two pleasant evenings {without sweating to death or getting eaten up by mosquitoes} so Nola & I took full advantage!
This past weekend, Morgan celebrated her 10th birthday with a cookie decorating party at her house & I got to go help!
Saturday night we celebrated Addie's 1st birthday, Khloe's 6th birthday & mom's 65th!  See, I told ya!  Birthdays, birthdays & more birthdays!
No big plans for the 4th, but I did still decorate the house!  I've missed having holidays to decorate for.  Just a few more weeks & my pumpkins will be going up!  And y'all, I Can. Not. Wait. =)
If you are traveling or celebrating the 4th - be safe!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

{Life Lately}

Happy Thursday!  Another month is flying by...we are almost halfway through June already!  It's been another busy one so here is a glimpse at life lately!

My cousin's son made All Stars so lots of evening practices in HOT-HOT June meant this two cuties got to spend some time with me!
The first Saturday in June was Khloe & Lilly's last dance recital...and it lasted over 3 hours. Yikes!
I spent the entire next week cleaning house because last Friday, I helped host a shower at my house for a co-worker's daughter.  We invited 26 & had 20 come...not a bad turnout I would say!
Saturday I headed to Sealy to watch Nolan play.  They ended up going through the tournament undefeated & came home with the championship win on Monday night!
Morgan spent Saturday night with me & we did a little cookie decorating on Sunday afternoon.  Nola was thrilled to have her BFF there! {even though she doesn't look like it...she just hates taking pictures}
And this week has been a week of relaxing!  No shame in my game...I worked my butt off the past few weeks & deserved it! 

Hope you are enjoying this fabulously hot, dry summer.  Not. =)

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

{May Recap}

Another one bites the dust.  Month that is.  Y'all, May has come & gone as well!  How did that happen?!  Even though it's not official, summer is in full force here in Texas....y'all - it's H-O-T and I am over it already.  No rain & triple digit temps...and it's not even June yet. =(

Anyway.  Moving on. Here's a quick recap of what I have been up to!

May 15th will always be a date on the calendar I will never was the date of the Blue Bell layoffs & this year was the 3rd anniversary.  Hard to believe, right?!  So to remember that day, we always try & get a group together and head back to On Deck {which is where we went 3 years ago after we got the news}.
I had to cut my evening short & head to Blinn to watch Morgan perform as a chimney sweep in Mary Poppins!
That Thursday, Gail, Connie, Erin & I went and watched the Aggies BTHO south carolina on a gorgeous night at Blue Bell Park!
Friday evening I watched this cutie...
And Saturday I was up early to watch the Royal Wedding!  I watched some at 4am & then headed back to bed and watched it on DVR at a more reasonable time later that morning.  But y'all, I loved it & couldn't stop watching!  My favorite part was when they sang Stand By Me during the service.
Later that afternoon I headed to Houston to do a little shopping & hello!!  I am so glad Hobby Lobby gets me.  =)
This past weekend was Memorial Day so I had Monday off from work.  I spent Saturday out at Corey & Amanda's decorating and Sunday & Monday were all about yard work, yard work & more yard work.  And seriously y'all, I thought I might die a few times....not only because of the heat but because I killed 3 - yes 3!! - snakes.  What the heck?!  And check out those legs...that was after 4 hours of mowing, weeding a flowerbed, putting out an 80 lb. bag of peat moss, mulch & grass soil.  Let me tell you, by Monday night - I was done!!
 These cuties stopped by & swam {clearly we need a bigger pool}.
And I finished my back patio that I had been working on & I absolutely love how it turned out!
Speaking of yard - y'all, look how great mine looks now!!  Seriously, Glasco's worked miracles!
Yesterday the Astros World Series trophy made a stop by Blue Bell which was fun to see!
And this chick, well - she's still living the life! =)
Happy {almost} June! 
Stay cool!

Monday, May 14, 2018

{Happy Mother's Day!}

Happy Monday, y'all!  So a little birdie told me that Hobby Lobby started putting Fall stuff out this weekend.
Guess where Casey is going on Saturday? =)

I know, I know.  It's too early to start thinking about fall, but y'all - we have temps in the upper 90's this week & I am already over it.

Anyway, back to May & Mother's Day!  

I rarely cook these days, but Friday night I decided to stay home & have a "me" night...complete with wine & a steak on the grill!
We celebrated Mother's Day on Saturday evening at mom & dad's.  It was a gorgeous evening complete with BBQ & a ride on the Ranger!
Sunday was church, lunch with mom, yard work & the start of a project...which I do not like so I'll be redoing it this week.  Clearly I like to make extra work for myself.
I'm feeling a day off in my near future.  Or a vacation.  Something! 
What to do?!  What to do?!  Hmm...stay tuned! =)

Monday, May 7, 2018

{Weekend Recap}

Happy May!  We are actually almost 1/4 of the way did that happen?!  I've decided that May is almost as crazy busy as December!

This past weekend was the 128th Brenham Maifest!  {You can read all about it here.}  Rain threatened on Friday, but thankfully it held off & everything was able to go as planned.
Saturday was Cinco de Mayo & of course it could not go uncelebrated so margaritas & queso it was!
Sunday I was up early & back down at Maifest to help cleanup {I'm on the board so it's part of my duties}.  A quick trip to HEB & Lowes afterwards and then it was home to work on flowerbeds.  I have one along my back fence that was about 16' long...but I decided to double it.  I was pretty sure I was going to die a few times.  Seriously I'm getting too old for stuff like this. =)  It will take a while to all grow & fill in, but I can't wait til it's a wall of color!
After I finished that, I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening with this cutie!
...who was super proud to be helping me walk Nola... =)
{and yes, he's holding on to her CLEAN!! poop bag that's attached to her leash.}
And here it is Monday again & another busy week ahead!



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