Wednesday, November 14, 2018

{Life Lately}

Oh my goodness!!  I am soooooo far behind!  I know I sound like a broken record, but while this is my absolute favorite time of the year - it's also the busiest.  It's been something practically every day for the last month...and the next month isn't looking much better!

But here's a quick recap of what's been going on in my life lately...

This was the second year in a row that Halloween basically got rained out, and it was so disappointing. =(  The weather forecast had been calling for rain & thunderstorms all day, but thankfully we had a small break between 5-6 so everyone got to do a little trick-or-treating.  It started drizzling around 6:15 & then came a flood around 6:30 and rained the rest of the night.  I had a few die-hard kiddos show up in the pouring rain throughout the evening...and needless to say - they got extra candy!  Morgan & Ella came and helped pass out candy, and a few of my favorite trick or treaters stopped by.  And wasn't Nola the cutest bubble bee?!  Clearly she wasn't a fan of her antenna hood. =)  But she loves sitting outside & watching all the kiddos walk up.
{Garage Sale}
On Friday & Saturday, I had a garage sale at my house. We normally only do them one day, but we were having a neighborhood garage sale on Saturday so we decided to open both.  After the storms on Wednesday, we ended up having gorgeous weather both days & sold LOTS of stuff!
{Nola's 4th Birthday}
On Saturday the 3rd, my sweet 4-legged baby girl turned 4!!  So hard to believe that she is that old ready....seems like just yesterday that she was a puppy.  Morgan & I baked her cupcakes and she got a few new toys & treats.  Morgan spent the night so of course she was in heaven!
And an added bonus...we saw this cutie while on our walk!
{Allied Ace Ladies' Night}
Every year, several friends & I go to a ladies' night at a local store.  You get free wine, get to sample all sorts of goodies & save 20% off your purchase.  I mean, it doesn't get much better than that!  Unfortunately Carol was sick this year so she had to miss out, but Kelly, Felicia & I had a great time!
{Christmas Decorating Started}
Until last night, this is what my house looked like...& I nearly lost it.  But, I'm down to one more room & then the outside...and then I will officially be done decking the walls!
{Texas A&M vs. Ole Miss Football Game}
 This past Saturday - Amy, Khloe, Mason & I  went and watched the Aggie's BTHO Ole Miss.  They almost BTHO of us...but thankfully we pulled it out in the end.  We nearly froze to death and it drizzled off & on, but we had a great time.
{Daylight Savings Time}
Someone isn't adjusting too well to the time change...I'll let you guess who. =)
{Winter Has Arrived in Texas!}
After reaching the 90's last week, looks like we skipped over fall & went straight to winter!  A cold front came in on Monday & majorly dropped the temps.  High was in the 30's on Tuesday & last night, we got down into the 20's.  We even had a little combo of sleet & snow flurries... In Texas.  In November.  Just crazy!!

That's a look at life lately!  I'm working on a few design projects & next week is Thanksgiving.  And, in less than 3 weeks, we leave for NYC.  It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Monday, October 29, 2018

{Parties, Programs & Life Lately}

Happy Monday, y'all!  It's crazy to think that October is almost over & that by the end of the week, we will be a few days into November.  Time. Needs. To. Slow. Down.

October has been a busy month!  A few weeks ago we road tripped to South can read all about it here.  Most nights & weekends since have been filled with programs and parties...just another reason why I love this time of year!  Here's a quick recap of what's been going on lately...

Winter visited us for a few was cold & rainy almost every day for a week.  Football weather for sure!
Morgan had her last official program at school.
I got to spend back to back days at the's hell getting old! =)
I voted...and will be so glad when this election is over.  Seriously, people are starting to get CRAZY on Facebook.
Summer came upper 80's.  Ugh...hurry back fall!!
I FINALLY had a clean house. =)
....because I was hosting a weekend of parties!  Friday night I had about 20 over for a baby shower for a coworker.  We grilled burgers & made s'mores...and this is honestly the only photo I took!  It was a fun, relaxing night & I never even thought about it.
Saturday night I had about 45 people {yes, I quickly realized I need a bigger house} over for a Halloween party!  We had tons of food, cute kiddos in costumes & a fabulous hayride.
Sunday was a day full of church & family as we celebrated Morgan's first communion.
And if you haven't tried these, do yourself a favor & GET SOME!!  They are delish!!
Wednesday is Halloween & we have a 60% chance of rain.  I'm hoping it holds out because I have tons a candy to pass out!  We are having a garage sale at my house on Friday & Saturday and then you can better bet I will be decking the halls!! =)

Have a great week!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

{Roadtrippin': BTHO South Carolina}

Hey y'all!  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you saw that one week ago today, I was South Carolina bound!  This was our longest football road trip to date...not going to lie - those 40 hours in the car got long at times, but we always have so much fun!!

We met at Debbie's around 8:30 & were on the road by 9:00. A road trip is not complete without Dreamsicles, a stop at Bucee's & at least one meal at Cracker Barrel.
We drove about 9 hours on Thursday & made it Meridian, MS that evening.  We checked into our hotel & then headed to supper. Pumpkin Spice margaritas!!
We called it an early night & were back on the road by about 9:00 on Friday morning.  We made a gas stop in Talladega & it was race weekend!
We arrived in Columbia late that evening, checked into the hotel & then spent some time relaxing by the hotel fire pit...much needed after almost 19 hours of driving!
Later that evening we headed downtown to the Aggie Headquarters...we had supper & drinks at The Grand on Main & then headed to the State Capital for Midnight Yell!
We crawled in bed around 1:30am and then were up bright & early the next was GAMEDAY!!  We were told that we needed to get there by 10:30 in order to get parking.  The State Fair was going on right by the stadium so it was kind of a chaotic mess!  But, we found parking without a problem, hung out in the car for a while & then headed to the Aggie Tailgate.
Y'all, their mascot is a rooster in a remote controlled "car".  It is seriously the best thing ever!
In typical Aggie fashion, the game did not disappoint.  The first half was kinda boring {& HOT!!  holy heck...we were facing the sun the entire time & y'all - it was bad!!}.  But, the last 2 minutes made up for it.  After the longest 1:55 minutes ever, we finally pulled out the win 26-23.
After the game, we drove about 4 hours back to Bremen, GA.  We checked into the hotel, slept a few hours & then hit the road Sunday morning.  We made the 13 hour drive in one day & arrived back in Brenham around 9:00.

In total, we drove about 2200 miles & spent around 40 hours in the car.  We went through 6 states & I will add, Georgia has the most gorgeous roadsides! Look at all those flowers?!  They were all along the interstate.
When we got into Brenham on Sunday night, it was 88. When we woke up Monday, it was 48!  Welcome to Texas!!  Once again, we had a fabulous time!  We made it there & back safely and we brought home the win!  Let the countdown begin to Georgia 2019!!  Gig'em!!



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