Monday, September 10, 2018


Happy Monday!  We are in the 70's today with clouds &'s heavenly!  Fingers crossed the amazing temps stick around for a while!

On Friday, Colby turned 30 so we headed to Matagorda to celebrate!  They went down Friday so I picked Bo up that afternoon from school.  Mom, Dad & Morgan came over and we had a big sleepover because we planned to leave early Saturday morning.

Nola was thrilled to have a house full of all her favorite people!  She has gotten so sweet around Bo & he even calls her by name now!
We hit the road Saturday morning, stopped for breakfast & arrived in Matagorda around lunch time. 
I'm the first to admit that the beach isn't my favorite place. I like to go & don't mind going...but you will most likely never find me taking a "beach" vacation.  I don't really know why?!  It's just never been my thing.  But, with that said - the beach was really pretty there.  It was nice & secluded and we weren't surrounded by lots of people like you are in Galveston.
We spent most of the day just hanging out.  It was supposed to rain but it was clear skies & the temps weren't bad at all.
We got home around 9:30 that night, just in time to watch the Aggies almost pull out the win over Clemson.  I know a loss is a loss, but we played WAY better than anyone thought we would.  Gives me hope for the rest of the season.  

Sunday was all about this! =)
Have a great week & stay dry!

Friday, August 31, 2018

{August Recap}

Happy last day of August & hello 3 day weekend!  No big Labor Day plans...but I am so ready for an extra day off.

It's hard to believe we are headed into the holiday months already.  Once September 1st gets here, time please slow down!!  I want to soak up every second of my most favorite time of the year.  From the decor, to the parties & festivities...and football of course!  Speaking of - Aggie football returned last night!!  We will see how we do under new coach Jimbo Fisher {we are paying him he better win a few games!!}.
Since I've been terrible about blogging lately, here's a quick recap of August!

The first weekend I had a wedding for a coworker's daughter & I was the "unofficial" wedding coordinator.  I helped organize & plan, decorate the day before & then keep everything running smoothly on Saturday. It was held at a gorgeous venue in Round Top called The Compound.
The next week we took a road trip to Waco to see all things Magnolia.  You can read about that trip here.
Last week was the Washington County A&M Club Aggie Family Fun Night at Fireman's Park.  It was crazy hot, but we had a great turn out.
I got to keep this cutie one evening...
And celebrated #NationalDogDay!
Other than that - it's been ALL THINGS FALL!  Yes, I know it's still 100 degrees outside & we aren't even close to the "official" first day of fall, but I am so ready!  Yes, my house is decorated & yes, I may have made chili this past weekend.  I'm trying my hand at growing pumpkins again. Just when I had given up hope, I went outside last night & had 2 baby pumpkins growing.  Now let's just hope they mature!
So there you have it...August in a nutshell!
Now excuse me while I go put on my plaid flannel shirt, scarf & boots and sip on my PSL.=)

Monday, August 13, 2018

{Day Trip to Waco: All Things Magnolia}

Happy Monday, y'all!  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you saw that last Thursday we took a day trip to Waco.  And seriously, things could not have fallen into place any better than they did.  We were fully prepared for long lines & had decided to just kinda play everything by ear. 

It made for a really early morning, but we decided we better get on the road by 6:30am.  We decided to meet at my mom & dad's so I pulled out of the neighborhood at 5:59!
We arrived in Waco around 8:15am.  Because I had read so many horror stories about the lines at Magnolia Table & at the Silos, my initial thought was that we would stop by the restaurant first, put our name on a list & then head to the Market when they opened at 9am.  Imagine our surprise when we pulled up & got front row parking...and there was no line to get in.  Certainly something was wrong.  We walked up & sure enough, we could be seated right then!
Seriously y'all, I loved everything about the design of the restaurant.  It was black & white perfection...even the bathrooms were gorgeous!  
Now if I am going to be completely honest, the food wasn't that great.  Everyone online had raved about the biscuits & strawberry was $9.50 for 3 & well, they were just ok.  Mom & I split the french toast breakfast {thank goodness because the servings are huge}.
After we were finished eating, we went to check out the take-away area & again, #patiogoals.
I can now say - been there, done that...and can definitely say I wouldn't wait in a 2-3 hour line to do it again.  If you go & the line is crazy long, I definitely would suggest visiting the take-away area, grabbing a coffee & bakery item and then just sitting on the patio, taking it all in...because it really is a gorgeous place & a fun experience.

Next up was Magnolia Market...the Silos! Helpful hint: there is a large, free parking lot behind the Market...they have a side gate that lets you directly onto the grounds & we had no trouble at all finding a parking spot. 
We headed directly to the bakery because once again, we had heard nightmare stories about 1-2 hour waits.  Y'all, we walked in & there was only one couple ahead of us!
We all got some goodies to go & then headed to do a little shopping in the Market.  Not going to lie, some things are a little over-priced, but y'all - the inspiration alone that you can get from that place is worth it.  It's my design style to a T.
And the outside is just as fabulous!  They seriously thought out every single detail.
Y'all - this is going to be a bathroom...can I please live there?!
They were having a warehouse scratch & dent sale at the original Magnolia Market building so we headed over there next.  Can't say that the sale was as great as it was when we went in 2015 but we did buy a few things...and it was fun to see the original Magnolia Market {it is tiny!!}.
Next, we headed to Valley Mills to JDH Iron Designs...otherwise known as the home of Jimmy Don!  And small world, but Jimmy Don's sister lives in Brenham & is friends with Amanda!  We actually got to visit with him for a while & he's a super nice guy.
On our way back to Waco, we decided to find Chip & Joanna's house & we actually did!  I would absolutely LOVE to go inside for a tour, but alas - stalking from the road is all we could do! =)
We decided to make a quick stop at Target before heading back home & guess what?  We saw Joanna's mom, Joanna's sister & her kiddos!  I mean, how cool is that?!  No pictures because hello...that one might have gotten us arrested. Ha!

Clearly we hit the Magnolia lottery because we lucked out with every single thing!  We talked to a few people and they all told us that no lines is really unheard of.  I think because most Texas schools started back last week or this week, our timing was perfect!  Definitely note to self to plan on going that week again next time.

Although the food at Magnolia Table might not have been the best or the stuff at Magnolia Market might be overpriced, I love going!  It's a fun little day trip & I love getting inspired by all of Joanna's creativity.  Of course, the one downside is that I want to come home & redo my entire house.  =)

I wonder if I can convince Chip & Jo to come to Brenham??



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