Friday, August 30, 2013

{5 on Friday}

Happy Friday!  I decided to do my first link-up & 5 on Friday seems like a fun one to do.
Here is what I am thinking about this Friday...
Super excited that Aggie football starts this weekend!  I cannot wait to be sitting at Kyle Field tomorrow.  And hey, we will get to catch a glimpse at our backup quarterbacks the first half. =)  There is a possibility that we will have a heat stroke considering the game is at NOON {really, who plays football at noon in August?!?} - but I can't wait to watch the Aggies BTHO Rice!! And yep, I did take this pic at the A&M/LSU game last year.

High school football starts tonight...GO CUBS!  There is nothing quite like Friday Night Lights.  Still love supporting my high school alma mater.

Sunday is September 1st.  This means we are that much closer to FALL!  Love the colors of Fall & everything that goes with it.  Can't wait for the first cold front to blow in so I can break out the jeans & sweaters.

Finally a 3 day weekend & a day off!  Yay for Labor Day!  Since there is not a 6am wakeup call on Monday morning, some friends and I are going to see Steve Wariner at the Fayette County Fair Sunday night...going to relive the good ol' days!

BIG news!  I have finally "unofficially" picked my lot for my house.  I love the lot, but was & still am concerned about the fire hydrant located in the middle of it, but hopefully it will be ok.  Contracts haven't been signed yet, but if all goes well - construction should begin by the end of the year.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

{Texas Ramp Project}

St. Paul's {the church that I am a member of} is involved in a ministry called Texas Ramp Project.  They build wheelchair ramps for homebound individuals who otherwise may not ever be able to leave their house.  This past Saturday, I volunteered to help build a ramp {ok, I didn't actually "build" much, but I was there helping out in any way that I could}.  I was slightly regretting my decision when the alarm went off at 6:00am, but it was definitely worth it in the end; it was a very rewarding experience & something I will definitely do again.
We built a ramp for a lady in her 50's who suffered a brain aneurysm while competing as a barrel racer in a rodeo.  She was not expected to live, but is now awake and responsive and being cared for at home.  Her husband simply wants to be able to take her outside to sit on their covered porch & we were able to provide that for them. 
Here are a few pictures of the building process, as well as the finished product: 

We lucked out...our ramp build was in the shade!


Friday, August 9, 2013

{I Started a Blog!}

Should I start a blog??  For years I have debated.  I LOVE reading other people’s blogs & have always wanted to start one of my own.  But let’s face it – my life isn’t all that exciting.  What in the world was I going to blog about?!?  I live in a small town so life isn't all that adventurous.  I only travel once or twice a year at most.  And, I don’t have any kids to post adorable pictures of. 
But, a few weeks ago I decided - why not?  There is a very good possibility that no one will read my blog, but that’s ok; I will keep blogging anyway. =)  It will be fun for me.  I look forward to sharing my travels, fun times with family & friends, & the construction of my new home {which will hopefully begin soon}. 
I can’t guarantee how often I will have something to write about but check back soon. The next year should hopefully be an exciting time in my life!



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