Tuesday, January 28, 2020

{Wine Swirl 2020}

Hey y'all!  Long time, no talk.  I'm not going to lie...January has been a pretty uneventful month.  I rang in 2020, watched the National Championship, went to 2 leadership classes, celebrated Corey's birthday & went the Wine Swirl downtown.  Yet somehow, this month has flown by.  Crazy to think it's almost February already.

Y'all know I look forward to the Wine Swirl every year.  I think this was our 6th year to go?!  Our group changes every year, but we always have a great time.


We ended the night with Mexican food & margaritas at Mariachi's!
I'm hosting a Super Bowl party this weekend & then the countdown to my 41st birthday begins! =(


  1. What a great event!!! I don't drink but it sounds awesome!

    1. We have so much fun! We've had ladies that don't drink either join us & they still have a great time!

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