Wednesday, July 26, 2017

{Yes, I'm Still Alive}

Hi, my name is Casey and I have sucked at blogging lately.  I have thought about it, but to be honest - that's as far as it has gotten; it has always taken the back burner.  Y'all, not gonna lie - life has been c-r-a-z-y this past month.  

Around  mid-June, I received a promotion at work & started training the first of July.  I kept a majority of my old job responsibilities & am training someone to take over a few of them so Monday - Friday, 8-5 is flying by!  

Also in June, I embarked on growing my Instagram account.  I joined a "newbie group" and we went thru several weeks of training.  I have connected with some pretty amazing ladies & y'all - it's been a pretty wild ride.  I have gone from posting an occasional photo with just a few hundred followers to almost 1900 followers, hosting hashtags & being asked to collaborate with businesses. It's been so much fun & I can't wait to see what's to come!  You can follow me here.
Speaking of decorating, I did a little mini-makeover in my breakfast room.  I painted my table, got a new rug & chairs and am changing the decor up a little.  So far I am loving how it is turning out.
I took a day off the other week & kept sweet baby Bo.  Y'all, he is seriously the cutest & the sweetest.  I had to so much fun with him.  I mean - just look at him?!
Other than that, I honestly haven't been up to a whole lot!  Nola & I are both so over the heat.  Seriously y'all, it's HOT.  We have to wait until after 7pm to walk & even then it's still 95+.  We do about half of our normal walk & Nola's about to die. Often times I think I might have to carry her back!
Speaking of Nola, I had a little dog-mom panic attack the other night.  She went outside to potty around 9pm & came back in a few minutes later with a red, swollen eye that she was clawing to death.  I called the vet & he told me to wash it out the best i could with contact solution and to give her Benedryl.  I still don't know what exactly happened, but thankfully she was back to herself by the next morning.  
And I'll end with this....we have a relatively new BBQ place in town & they have a little dish that's not on the menu but I have heard is amazing - mac & cheese with chopped brisket & bbq sauce on top.  We went to lunch there the other day & I tried it and y'all - best.thing.ever!!  It was so good...don't knock it til you try it so if you are ever in town - go to LJ's BBQ & get it!!
I'll try to get back to blogging more regularly but can't make any promises.  July is almost over & I consider August the "unofficial" start to the pumpkins will be going up soon!  =)  Football is about to start and we are only a few short weeks away from the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year!

Happy {almost end to} Summer, friends! =)

Monday, July 10, 2017

{Life Lately}

Happy Monday, friends!  We are 1/3 of the way thru July & summer is in full force here!  It's hot & dry...and yes - I am still counting down the days to fall.  I consider August the "unofficial" start to fall so only a few more weeks...and those pumpkins just might start going up.  =)

Speaking of pumpkins...remember my pumpkin patch I wanted to grow?  Well, the seeds sprouted & I've got some beautiful vines & flowers...but no pumpkins.  =(  Unfortunately it doesn't seem that I have a single bee within a 20 mile vicinity of my house.  I have tried pollinating them myself, but so far - no luck.  Any suggestions as to how to attract bees?!  I have blooming plants near them & have even gone so far as to sit an open Coke out there in hopes of attracting them.  

It didn't work.  Y'all - I just want ONE pumpkin to grow.  One...and I would be thrilled.  I'm not giving up hope yet, but it's not looking so good.

So, besides mating pumpkins & sweating to death, here's what else I have been up to lately!

Last time I blogged, I told you about all the babies that were born!  Kelly & I went up last Monday & visited Carol & sweet baby Megan.  So fun to add another girl to our group!
Fourth of July wasn't too exciting.  In the end I just stayed home & it wasn't so bad.  I caught up on a few things, cooked supper & watched fireworks on tv...not quite the same, but I can tell you I was way cooler in my house than those people outside.  Nola wasn't too impressed.  
Mason's All Stars team kicked off the next tournament on Wednesday.  Unfortunately back to back loses eliminated them & ended the season.  Certainly nothing to be ashamed of...they had a great year!
Saturday I spent some time with this little guy...seriously y'all - is he not the cutest thing ever?!
Sunday I played hookie from church & was feeling really guilty about it.  Just before lunch, Nola was outside barking & so I went outside to check and noticed smoke coming from my next door neighbor's deck (her backyard backs up to my side yard).  I tried to look through the fence to see what was going on, but it was hard to tell.  I only saw smoke, no flames.  I have never met this neighbor so I didn't want to appear to be a crazy, nosey neighbor.  I gave it about 10 minutes & went back out to check. Still smoke & this time I saw flames.  So I went inside & put on clothes (I was still in my pj's) and walked over.  I knocked on the door, introduced myself & explained what I saw.  Unfortunately the lady that lives there is legally blind & so she was unaware of what was going on.  We went outside & sure enough, the corner of her deck was on fire.  I grabbed the water hose & we got it put out. Her daughter had been outside earlier that morning to smoke & she had put her cigarette in a plastic potted plant.  Unfortunately something ignited & it started smoking, melting & eventually a fire.  It burned thru the deck in one area.  Thankfully I was in the right place at the right time because a little more time & it could have been a very bad thank goodness I hadn't gone to church that morning.   About 2 hours later, there was a knock at my door & they delivered these.  I certainly didn't expect anything in return but it was super sweet of them.
I ended the weekend by making semi-homemade pizza!  I have never made it before, but it was fun, tasty & I'll definitely do it again!  Maybe a little chicken Alfredo & spinach next time?!
Have a great week everyone!
{anyone else as excited as me about Christmas in July on the Hallmark Channel starting this weekend?!}

Monday, July 3, 2017

{Baseball, Babies & Birthdays}

Happy Monday & {almost} 4th of July!  This summer is flying by, which honestly I am not too upset about.  Y'all - it's HOT & I am over summer already.  I am so ready for fall & football!  But, for now - it's baseball, babies & birthdays!  This past week was crazy to say the least!

After a couple of rain delays, Mason's All Star team finally got to play the championship game Tuesday night...and they won!  They now start the next round this week.
I decided to take a few days off & I began Thursday by heading to College Station to photograph the birth of my cousin Amy's baby - Addie Lynn.  She arrived around 3:30 that afternoon & is as cute as can be!  Can't wait to spoil her!
I spent most of Friday mowing my yard & cleaning my filthy house.  Y'all, I was embarrassed because it was so bad.  We went to supper Friday night to celebrate my mom's birthday & then Morgan had a sleepover.
Saturday was more cleaning followed by celebrating Mason's birthday Saturday night.  Sunday -  Carol, Kelly & I went to lunch once last time before Carol had the baby {she was scheduled to be induced Thursday}.  We left around 2:15 & we got a text later that afternoon that her water broke around 3:30!  At 10:16 last night, sweet Megan Adelaide was born.  Kelly & I are headed up this evening to meet her...can't wait!

Today it's back to work & then off tomorrow...I could get used to this!
Happy 4th of July, friends!



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