Monday, May 22, 2017

{Weekend Recap}

So, what happens when you sleep in on Sunday & then take a nap to catch up on all the sleep you've been missing out on the past few weeks?  You don't sleep AT ALL on Sunday night.  Seriously y'all - I was awake all. night. long.  I watched every hour on the clock & it sucked.  I generally don't have a hard time going to or staying asleep, but I've had a busy few weeks.  I was tired yesterday so we slept in & took a nap late yesterday afternoon {something else I don't generally do}.  But let me tell you - I'm paying for it today!  

Anyway...back to my weekend recap!  Friday night I got a call from my mom around 8:15 that they were headed back to the ER with my grandma.  She had just been there the night before for a bad UTI, but they released her Friday afternoon & by Friday evening - she had fallen.  Thankfully nothing was broke & after several hours, they released her.  I went up for a few minutes & ended up bringing this cutie home with me for a sleepover!
Morgan left around 11:00 & I made a quick trip to College Station.  I was starting to have Target withdrawals. =)  They had the cutest 4th of July dollar spot stuff so I couldn't leave empty handed!  Then I went to Hobby Lobby & they were putting out their fall stuff....most people think I am completely nuts but it made my day!   Honestly there is nothing I like about summer so hurry up August {yes, even though it's still 105 outside, I consider that the "start" of fall}.
Speaking of fall - check out my pumpkin patch!  I am going to be so disappointed if I don't get any pumpkins to grow so keep your fingers crossed!!
I did do a little decorating with my red, white & blue that I will keep up for Memorial Day & 4th of July.  Here's a sneak peek!  
Sunday, Nola & I were bums.  I admit it...and it felt good to do nothing.  We watched Hallmark movies, took a nap, went for a walk & for the first time in a long time - I fixed a "real" supper {meatloaf is my fav!}.
5 more work days & then I have a long weekend...can't wait.
Happy Monday, friends!!

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  1. Hey Casey. I like your blog. It's simple and full of life. You share all the happy moments be it big or small and that's absolutely what makes it cool.




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