Friday, May 19, 2017

{Life Lately}

Hey y'all & Happy Friday!  May is flying is almost out, temps are about to be in the 100's and Hobby Lobby is about to have their fall stuff out! =)

Once again, it's been a busy week so here's a quick recap...

Friday was the 2 year anniversary of the Blue Bell layoff. Not exactly the kind of anniversary you want to celebrate, but it's fun to get together &  celebrate the fact that we still get to work together!
Saturday I got to babysit my favorite little guy for a few hours.  Seriously y'all, he is the sweetest baby ever.  I mean - just look at him!
Sunday was Mother's Day & we celebrated with burgers at Colby & Jodie's.  The early part of the week involved class reunion meetings, baseball & cleaning house like a mad woman.  I have gotten to where I hate cleaning house.  Hate. It.  But, I helped host a baby shower for my friend Carol on Thursday evening so some deep cleaning went down this week.  Like baseboards, ceilings {dang spiderwebs drive me CRAZY!!}, mini name it - it got cleaned.

Last night was the shower!  We had a house full of great food & great friends...all of who can't wait to meet sweet Megan in July!
This weekend I have NOTHING on the agenda & I am pumped.  The house is clean & the yard is mowed.  Sleeping late & a trip to Target sound good to me! =) 

Have a great weekend!

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