Tuesday, May 30, 2017

{Memorial Day Weekend Recap}

Happy Tuesday!  Hope everyone enjoyed their extended weekend & the unofficial "kickoff" to summer.  But let's not forget those who lost their lives so we could have these freedoms.
Thursday was Mason's 6th grade graduation.  He will be moving from St. Paul's to public school in the fall!
Friday morning, this cute little guy came to Blue Bell!
Friday evening I stayed home & listened to the Cubs on the radio.  I think for the first time since I have moved into my house, I sat outside, had a glass of wine & ate supper on my deck.  It was quite nice I do have to say!
Saturday I mowed & then spent the rest of the afternoon working on adding lights around my firepit.  I needed a way to connect them from the house so I decided to concrete in 2 posts.  Unfortunately I have zero patience & attached the lights too soon.  The tension loosened the posts & on Sunday, I could literally just pull them out of the ground. I dug it all up & tried again, letting it cure for over 24 hours this time & it worked great!  Lesson learned...but I LOVE how it turned out.  Can't wait to host some parties back there.
Clearly all that hard work was exhausting for Nola...
Sunday was church, lunch with mom & then a crawfish boil at Clayton & Kelli's!
Monday I decided to tackle my guestroom closet. #homedecorloverproblems  Seriously y'all, it was BAD.  It's still not the greatest, but at least you can see the floor now & I added some stuff to the garage sale pile!
Last night I grilled some chicken breasts for the week & caught up on laundry...exciting life I live I tell ya! =)  Now it's back to work & a calendar full of things to do {I only thought it was going to get better...ha!}.
How many more days til the next holiday?!


  1. your backyard is MAGICAL! Do you have any trouble with your fire pit when/if it rains being out in the open? I want to move ours off the patio and to our swing (out in the actual yard area), but I'm nervous about that!

    1. Thank you! I normally have a cover over it {just your basic, cheap one from Wal-Mart}. Unfortunately after 2 years, it dry-rotted & I need to replace it. It has gotten a little rusty being open & uncovered, but a fresh coat of high heat black spray paint & it should be good to go!

  2. Your backyard looks amazing! Nice work. I wanna come hang out! :)

    1. If you ever come to Texas, come on over! =)

  3. Your backyard looks amazing! Nice work. I wanna come hang out! :)




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