Friday, February 3, 2017

{Happy Adoption Day, Nola!}

She's still wild and crazy at times.
She still doesn't  know any commands & she still isn't a fan of cats.
She still drinks out of the toilet, hogs the bed, chews & digs, and sheds like crazy.

And I still can't imagine my life without her.  

Two years ago yesterday I brought this sweet girl home. {you can read all about her adoption story here}
Her absolute favorite thing to do in the whole world is go for a walk.  She is ready to go as soon as I walk in the door every evening.  Added bonus is getting to swim in the creek at the end.
She LOVES kids.  Morgan is definitely her favorite person EVER!
She's not one bit spoiled.... HA! =)
We celebrated last night with cupcakes, ice cream & a few new toys.  And clearly someone partied too hard. =)
Happy Adoption Day, Nola!!

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