Tuesday, January 24, 2017

{Weekend Recap}

Y'all, can you believe next week is February already?!  How did that happen??  Lots of busy weekends ahead...and this one was no different!  Here's a quick recap...

After work on Friday, some ladies from work & I headed to Mariachi's for a drink.  I was STILL coughing so I figured I would see if tequila would cure me {which, for the record, it did for a few hours...then it wore off & the cough came back}.
When I left there, I headed out to Corey & Amanda's to celebrate Corey's birthday.  He grilled hamburgers & invited the family over.  By around 9:30, the tequila had worn off & I felt like I was dying again.
So, Saturday morning I admitted defeat, waved the white flag & went to a local walk-in clinic.  My diagnosis: you have what the rest of Brenham has.  Yes, I know that doc - just give me some meds to make me better!  A steroid pack & antibiotic later, I was on the road to recovery.
Saturday night was a co-worker's daughter's wedding.  Everything was gorgeous and the food & wine were delicious...fun night for sure!
I was supposed to take maternity pics for my sister-in-law on Sunday, but 50 mph wind gusts {y'all - it was NUTS!} prevented that so instead - I stayed home all day, watched football & recovered from the sickies.  

And of course, the other news from the weekend - the inauguration of President Trump, followed by the controversial Women's March on Saturday.  I am not going to start a political debate on here because we are each entitled to our own thoughts & opinions...& some people seem to have forgotten that this election season.  
Just remember this...

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