Monday, January 16, 2017

{Uptown Swirl 2017}

So, the past week has pretty much involved lots of this...
Seriously, this crappy weather has Got. To. Go.  After our 3 day winter last weekend, temps have been in the 80's with 100% humidity. And just about everyone I know is sneezing, coughing & blowing their nose.  Last night was my first decent night's sleep in almost a week.  

Saturday afternoon was our annual girl's night at the Uptown Swirl in downtown Brenham.   I loaded up on meds & met the girls at 3:00.  Our usual group of 12+ was reduced to 6 this year...several had previous commitments & the other half is pregnant! =)
It was a little hot & humid, but thankfully the 50% chance of rain that was in the forecast earlier in the week didn't happen & it turned out to be a really nice evening.
As usual, we had a fabulous time!  Can't wait for next will be our 5th!!
A few of us ended the night with Mexican food & margaritas {told you I was determined to get rid of that cough...and for the record - it didn't work!!}.
The rest of the weekend was spent watching Cowboys & boo Texans!!  The Super Bowl just won't be the same without one of them playing in it.  =( 
And yesterday was baby Wilson's gender reveal...can't wait to meet sweet Megan Adelaide!  2017 is going to be full of babies & I can't wait to spoil them all!

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