Tuesday, April 26, 2016

{Life Happens}

Yikes!  It's been almost 2 weeks since I blogged last & quite honestly, I have no idea where the time even went.  This time of year is super busy for me between work & volunteer commitments...it feels like I am never home!  I have so many unfinished projects & it makes an organized, detailed person like myself CRAZY!!  I started mini "makeovers" in both of my guestrooms & I have yet to finish those {once I do - I promise to do a post on the before & after}.  

Life happens.  That's the best way to explain it.  But, here is what I have been up to!

A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders on April 15th.  I rewarded myself with a cut & highlight...
 The following week involved Aggie Muster on Thursday evening...
A school program for my niece on Friday night....
Early morning ramp building with my church on Saturday morning...
{We build wheelchair ramps free of charge for those less fortunate.  It truly is one of my favorite ministries that our church does.  On Saturday, we completed ramp 100 & 101...so we celebrated!}
And y'all - I know I am supposed to be boycotting Target, but I. Just. Can't.  It's my all-time favorite store so I had to stop in on my trip over the College Station Saturday afternoon.  They have been knocking it out of the park with their Dollar Spot the last 6 months, but I'm a little disappointed in their summer selection. 
Sunday my Godchild got confirmed.  How is that even possible?!  It seems like she was just born & now she's about to start driving!! Man that makes me feel old.
I was going to spend Sunday afternoon mowing & working in the yard, but once again - it rained.  I'm fairly certain we have gotten close to 10 inches in the past week.  I fertilized 2 weeks ago so needless to say, my yard is a jungle!  I was off on Monday because I had a day full of appointments - dermatologist, dentist, etc.  So between appointments, I mowed & cleaned house. {& put on a new duvet cover on my bed, painted my back door & retiled the table on my deck...I get sidetracked easily, can you tell?!}  In the end, I started a lot of projects & didn't finish any.  I did manage to get the entire yard mowed, but the house didn't get clean & none of the projects I started got finished.  Life happens, remember? =)
Nola & I ended our busy day yesterday & with a long walk.  Despite being a little hot & humid - the sunset was gorgeous last night...
Needless to say, after having me home for 3 days, I'm pretty sure Nola was ready for me to go back to work this morning.  Poor puppy was exhausted.
The next 2 weeks are crazy busy again; I'm fairly certain I have something every evening. But, the light at the end of the tunnel is a day trip we have planned to Magnolia Market in Waco on May 19th.  Y'all, I am so freaking excited...let the countdown begin!!

{& please hang in there a little longer...I promise to have better blog posts coming soon!}


  1. hi casey, i am new to your blog and i can tell we are a lot alike even though i could be your mother!!! you are going to LOVE magnolia market!! its really quite an experience. i have children and grands that live in texas, in the area about 30 minutes north-ish of waco. how fun to meet-up for iced tea someday.... terre @ zoomama speaks

    1. Hi Terre! Thank you so much for stopping by & welcome to my blog!! I am SUPER excited about visiting Magnolia Market. So I saw on your blog that you recently visited Antique Alley in Texas...was that the Warrenton/Round Top Antique show? If so, isn't it amazing?!




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