Wednesday, May 4, 2016

{Pantry Makeover}

I have been living in my house for almost 2 years now {I know!  Crazy, right?!} & I am the first to admit that I get bored with things easily. I love to change things, repaint & redecorate.  Every wall in my house has been repainted...except the pantry!  =)

So, a few weeks ago, I decided it was time to change that!  My pantry isn't huge by any means, but it's a nice size walk-in with lots of shelving.  I knew I wanted to keep the shelves white but add some color to the all white pantry is kinda boring, right?!  Don't get me wrong, the rest of my house is pretty neutral throughout...but it's fun to add pops of color in unexpected places.  I debated back & forth between gray & a light aqua and in the end - aqua won!  It took multiple samples to find the right one & ultimately, I decided on Waterscape {HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams for Lowes HGSW2307}.  The original color was a little too dark so I had them lighten it 25%.

Here is a before picture {and sorry for the poor quality iphone pic}:
And CLEARLY I needed to work on organizing it {& buying healthier food. ha!}.

Rather than take everything out, I just moved it from shelf to shelf to paint.  Getting a ladder in there, getting up said ladder & turning around to paint the inside wall required a few acrobatic moves, but it took me less than 2 hours to finish.  
Next came the fun part of organizing!  I had been looking for baskets & containers for months, but could never find anything I loved.  A little rearranging in the utility room left me with 2 extra baskets & in the end, they worked perfect in the pantry....and didn't cost me any money!

Here is the final result {again, the pictures aren't the best, but it is NOT an easy space to photograph}:
I LOVE how it turned out!  I use the top shelf to store less frequently accessed things like my cake plates & tiered trays.  The next shelf is my cookbooks, pitchers, & koozies {stored in a cute glass jar of course}.  
The next 2 shelves are the things I use the most: cereal, oil, flour/sugar, canned goods, etc.  The glass jars are from Hobby Lobby & the labels are from The House of Smith Designs.  I don't like not having the expiration dates on things {I am a HUGE expiration date fanatic}, but things just look so much better in containers than they do boxes.  The small gray crates used to hold mixes, etc. are from Wal-Mart.

I have 3 glasses containers on the next shelf: one contains sprinkles & food coloring, one contains cookie cutters & the other contains snacks.  And no, I don't make cute cut-out cookies...but cookie cutters in a glass jar look cute! =)
I put my less "pretty" stuff in the 2 baskets on the left & added a chalkboard to them to let me know what's inside.  Unfortunately the chalk board came from the Target Dollar Spot & now they don't have them I'm on the lookout for another one that looks similar.  One basket contains all my baking supplies such as cake mixes, chocolate chips, etc. and the other one contains foil and ziploc baggies.  
The bottom shelf has a basket for chips & a basket for Nola's food.

Oh & I can't forget my handy, dandy little wall mounted storage container for plastic bags.
Overall - I love how it turned out!  It's a "fun" space now & organized...which is the best part!  I was able to get everything off the floor & I still have room to spare.  And it looks WAY less cluttered.
Pantry makeover complete! Up next on the to-do list is to finish the 2 guestroom "mini" coming soon!


  1. Found your blog from KK and started strolling :) I love that mounted container for plastic bags, may I ask where it is from?

    1. I am almost 100% sure it was from Lowes...less than $10 bucks I believe! Thanks for stopping by!!




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