Monday, February 8, 2016

{Super Bowl 50 Par-tay!}

Y'all know I love to throw a good party so when I was "volunteered" to host a Super Bowl party, I was kinda excited!  I don't have people over near enough & that's one of my goals in 2016.  So what better way to start the new year?!  

Wanna know what I love most about hosting a party?  It forces me to clean my entire house: every room, top to bottom.  Although it's always a mad dash at the end {& I have been known to still be vacuuming the floors when the first guest arrives} - there is nothing more rewarding than walking thru the house one last time & having every bed made, every floor swept/mopped/vacuumed, every bathroom cleaned, candles burning.  Such a "ahhh..." moment.  So, I figured even if no one showed up - at least I had a clean house! =)
Shortly before kickoff - everyone arrived & we ended up having the perfect amount of people.  Of course there was lots of great food & plenty of beverages. 
There was a little {intense} game watching...
{& how disappointing were the commercials this year?!}
Some marshmallow roasting & s'more making in the fireplace...
A little halftime dancin'....
A round {or 2} of Fireball shots...
But most importantly, a room full of some of the best friends a  girl could ask for!  

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