Wednesday, February 3, 2016

{Happy Adoption Day, Nola!}

A little over a year ago, I decided that it was time to get a dog!  We have had dogs all my life so I am definitely a dog person {sorry cat people}.  "My" last dog was a Siberian Husky - Dakota - who I loved dearly.  When I moved into my first house in 2008, she stayed at my parent's house because it was what she had known all her life.  She had a mind of her own & didn't like change.  I visited on weekends & then in July 2013, I had to make the heartbreaking decision to put her to sleep.  She was diagnosed with cancer & was very, very sick.  The last thing I wanted was for her to suffer.  

I moved into my current house in August 2014 & once I was settled, the search began.  My initial thought was that I would adopt a dog that was 2-3 years old.  The last thing I wanted to do was go through the "puppy stage" in a new house.  I really wanted a yellow lab & within a few days, the opportunity presented itself for me to be gifted a 3 year old, full-blooded yellow lab named Cheyenne.  A couple was supposed to temporarily watch her for a friend who couldn't have her in his new apartment.  "Temporary" turned into over 2 years.  Unfortunately the older their dog got, the less she liked Cheyenne so they all agreed it was in her best interest to find her a new home.  I went out & met her and she was a beautiful dog with LOTS of energy.  She loved to run on their farm & swim in their pond & ultimately, that's the reason why I decided she wasn't a match for me.  It would not have been fair to her to take her from that to a small yard in town.  I also really wanted an inside dog & that she was not.  

A few weeks later I came across another 3 year old yellow lab mix on the True Blue Rescue website & inquired about her.  I passed the adoption screening process, but  there was miscommunication between True Blue & the boarder she was staying at and ultimately - that did not work out.  

Clearly none of those were meant to be because a few weeks later, I came across this adorable little PUPPY!  You can read all about her adoption story here
Yesterday was her 1 year adoption day anniversary!  She got to spend the day at doggy daycare {her first time!} and she LOVED it!! When we got home, we celebrated with a cupcake {yes, I know she isn't supposed to have people food} & new toys.  Clearly playing all day wore her out because she was in bed by 7:30...too bad I can't afford it every day! =)
To say she is spoiled is an understatement.  She really is very sweet & often forgets she is a dog. =)
She's predominately outside during the day & inside when I am home.  She doesn't mind her kennel or her crate, and if you ask her to go in - 9 out of 10 times she will go in without a problem.  She LOVES to go for walks, sleep in my bed & beg for people food. 
Don't get me wrong, she tests my patience on a daily basis.  She has started the bad habit of jumping on people {which we HAVE to work on}, the only command she kinda knows is sit {and that's only if you have treat}, she drinks out of the toilet & chews up every toy I buy her {&shoe she can find} and she sheds like crazy.
But, I can't imagine my life with out her.
Happy Adoption Day, Nola!

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  1. Happy adoption day! Our pup just had his adopting anniversary last week!




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