Tuesday, February 2, 2016

{Hello February!}

And just like that, it's February!  Although it feels more like May.  Seriously El Nino...what the heck?!  I thought we were supposed to have below normal temps.  I don't call 85 anywhere near below normal.  Are you confused?!  Shorts & A/C in February are not my idea of fun.  I'm fairly certain I have worn a coat only once this whole year.  I most definitely see a vacation up north this year!

I ended January & welcomed February on a good note!  Friday evening we celebrated my cousin's little boy's birthday & then my favorite chica had a sleepover at my house.  She ended up saying the whole weekend & Nola was in Heaven to have her BFF there.  Morgan plays with her & loves on her and she eats it up.  I stayed up late Friday night baking cookies & when I finally went to bed, I found this.  Needless to say, it made for an interesting night's sleep with all 3 of us in one bed. =)
After breakfast {in which Morgan informed me that my scrambled eggs were NOT as good as Granny's (my mom)}, we spent the afternoon exploring the creek that runs thru the neighborhood...and then napping! =)
Saturday evening we had a party to celebrate my dad turning 70 & brother turning 40.  Good food, great company, a few games of pitch....I think everyone had a fabulous time!
Sunday was recovery day after a very busy weekend.  Even though it was 80 degrees outside, I lit the fire pit for a test run {hello, remember we haven't had a winter so no need for a fire pit yet}.  I also baked my first spagetti squash...and I must admit - it was pretty darn good.  Nola was asleep by 9:00...and I wasn't too far behind her.
Yesterday I had a follow up with my doctor...under performing thyroid & very low vitamin D equals meds for Casey.  I have avoided them for almost 37 years, but darn the luck - less than one month before my birthday & meds it is.  
Today we celebrate Nola's 1 year adoption day!  There's going to be a little cake & ice cream and new toys involved so check back for a post on that later this week.  I decided a while back to try out doggy day care one or two days a month & today is her first day!  Fingers crossed I don't get a call to come pick her up because she doesn't play well with others. =)

Happy Tuesday!

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