Thursday, January 28, 2016

{Goodbye January}

Make it slow down.  Seriously.  The first month of 2016 is almost over & that is C-R-A-Z-Y!!  At this rate, I will be decorating again for fall before you know it.  I kid!  I kid! =)

Here's a quick recap of how I spent the last week of January!

Nola had a vet appointment Saturday morning & seriously - the dog nearly has a nervous breakdown.  She HATES riding in the car so I have to chase her down & carry her to the car.  Not easy since she now weighs almost 75 pounds!  But we both survived, she got her rabies shot & a clean bill of health!
A year ago this week, I took off work at lunch one day & drove to one of the scariest parts of Houston I have ever been to to see #409 in person.  It was love at first sight!  Unfortunately I had to leave her that day & it would be another week before I actually got to bring her home {look for a post next week as we celebrate her adoption day!}.  But wow!  What a difference a year makes.  
Sunday afternoon Nola & I went for a walk and came home with Morgan!  She spent the afternoon with us & Nola was in heaven because her BFF was there to play {& share gummy bears with}. 

Monday morning I went for blood work...which I hate!  Seriously - it's worse than the dentist or the going to the doctor.  They always have a hard time finding a vein & I bleed super slow.  I got my results back a few days later...and back to the doctor I go next week for elevated thyroid levels & low vitamin d's hell getting old!
After work, some ladies from work and I made a trip over to College Station for supper {@ Cheddars...YUM!} and shopping.  Good times with great friends...ending a Monday like that doesn't get much better!
Tuesday evening was spent watching Mason play basketball at St. Paul's.  
I started doing a few workout videos at home {unfortunately the gym doesn't fit in the budget right now} & I had to crack up at Nola.  She was laying on the bed watching & about 5 minutes into it - I looked back & saw this...lazy dog!! =)
This weekend we are having a combined party for my dad {who turned 70 in December} & my brother {who turned 40 last week}.  Temps are supposed to be back near 80 & next week kicks off my birthday month!  And mark your calendars's almost National Margarita Day!!


  1. Love finding bloggers that live nearby! I'm actual headed to Cheddar's for dinner tonight! 😉 Your pup is precious! Can't wait to read his adoption story!!!

    1. So glad I came across y'all as well! It's fun to read about people going to places & doing things that I have actually gone to & done before as well! Totally relatable! =)
      Thanks for stopping by!




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