Monday, November 30, 2015


Just returned from a 4 day weekend & it was heavenly! I enjoyed every single second of it.  And I think Nola did too...she loved having me around all day.  Unfortunately it was rainy & cold most of the weekend, but it FINALLY felt like the holidays & it forced me to do "nothing".  Which was a good thing.

Here's a quick recap...

Since most of the family was here, there & everywhere - we decided to do Thanksgiving on Sunday afternoon. I'll admit - it was a little depressing to sit at home on Thanksgiving & eat leftover Little Caesar's pizza for lunch, but it was ok.  Around 4:00, Amy, Susie & I headed to Wal-Mart to do a little Black Friday shopping {or Black Thursday?!}.  The only thing I really wanted was a shop vac so I ordered that online Thursday morning.  I'll be honest - there has never been anything that I can't live without, I just go for the fun of it.  So there I was - standing at the $7 Dearfoam slippers for 2 hours. How sad is my life?! =)
After Wal-Mart, we headed to College Station.  First stop was Target in Bryan & the checkout line was ridiculously long.  But there I stood for over 30 minutes with my dog bones, iTunes gift card, & a few dollar spot items.  At least I finally got my first red cup of the season {if you haven't had white hot chocolate - try it!!}.
After a few more stops, we were home & in bed by midnight.  Since a few of the stores we wanted to go to didn't open til Friday, we decided to head back.  This time it was me, Sandra, Amy & Khloe.  We didn't get there til around 8:00, hit the stores we wanted & were home by 2:00.  That was MORE than enough shopping for me.
Nola & I spent Friday afternoon and most of Saturday being lazy.  I admit it & I'm not ashamed.  I cooked taco soup, had the fire place going & watched lots of football & Hallmark movies.  Nola spent most of the day cuddled under a blanket either on the couch, her bed or my bed.  S.P.O.I.L.E.D
{my $7 slippers were quite comfy!}
We woke up Sunday to more rain so we spent most of the day doing what we did on Friday & Saturday. =)  
Sunday evening we finally celebrated Thanksgiving at my grandma's with turkey, dressing & all the trimmings.  It was oh so good!
Today it was back to work & back to reality.  It's been a rough year & some days are more difficult than others, but I can always find something.  Let the official countdown to Christmas begin!

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