Friday, May 9, 2014

{One Year}

This month marks one year that I received a contract on my house, closed less than 3 weeks later, & moved back in with my parents.  It truly is hard to believe that was 12 months ago; it really does seem like yesterday.  When I decided to put my house on the market last spring, I fully intended to be moved into a new house by March or April of this year {at the latest}.  But I should know by now that things in my life certainly don't go according to "my" schedule.

When my house sold & people asked what I was going to do until my new house was ready and I would tell them I was moving back home with my parents - I got lots of crazy looks & lots of "good lucks".  I have to say that it has gone really well.  Yes, we argue every now & then, I don't keep the bathroom as clean as my mom would like it and my dad occasionally acts like I am 16 & still have a curfew.  But overall - it has gone way better than I anticipated. 

I have tried to stay super busy & between football road trips, a trip to NYC, the holidays, spending time with friends & my favorite kiddos, committee meetings and work - I honestly feel like I am never home...especially this past month! 
And while I have enjoyed my time back at home & "bonding" with my parents - I am most definitely ready for a house of my own again.  One thing I miss the most is my space.  I am a very organized, neat person {maybe even a little OCD} so having everything crammed in one little room is starting to get the best of me...especially as my piles of "new house stuff" grow.  Every corner of my room is currently piled with new curtains, bar stools, light fixtures, ceiling fans, paint samples, etc.  The UPS guy & I are on a first name basis now. =)
Ok, now on to the more fun stuff - a house update!!  There have been BIG changes going on the past 2 weeks. They have been working every day & it certainly shows - I actually have a "house" now!  Framing began about a week after the slab was poured & within a few days - that was complete and the windows & Hardiplank were going up.
Now that the "roof" is on & the house is fully enclosed, it feels like a real house.  You can clearly see the floor plan now & I have to say, I LOVE the layout of the inside.  My last house was very closed off {the living room was separate from the kitchen/breakfast room}.  This one has much more of an open concept which I am very excited about.  I can't wait to have people over & have everyone be "together" in one space.  There are still no interior walls, but you can kind of get an idea from this picture {this is from the kitchen looking into the living room & breakfast room}.
Last Friday, the exterior was painted {still no rock or brick up yet} & this week they have been working on the plumbing. 
As of now, everything is going as planned & it is scheduled to be completed in July.  2 more months...let the countdown begin!!  I go by daily {ok, sometimes multiple times a day} & on Tuesday, I had a little {actually BIG} surprise waiting for me.  For those of you who have been reading my blog, you know I had a little issue with the fire hydrant appearing on the first lot I picked.  Well, apparently I traded the 3' fire hydrant for a 30'+ light pole!  At first I was really upset about it because it stuck out big time.  I am hoping once all the houses are finished that it will blend in & won't be as noticeable.  In the end, it will probably be a good thing & will be added security.  And it will be easier now to give directions to my house...I can just tell people I am the one by the light pole! =)
In other news, last night was the highly anticipated NFL draft.  So, for the first time in my life, I sat down for 4 hours & watched it.  Thankfully Facebook kept me entertained because seriously - do they stretch that thing out or what?!?  Anyway, congrats to Jake Matthews, Mike Evans, & Johnny Manziel on being drafted in the first round.  Whoop!  
Although it won't be the same as watching them play in Aggieland, it will be fun to watch them play in the NFL. And no, I will not be sporting any orange in the future...brown maybe, orange no. ;)  One thing is for sure - I cannot wait for football season to return...111 days til A&M vs. South Carolina!!

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