Tuesday, April 22, 2014

{Easter Weekend Recap}

If the past 4 months are any indication of how fast this year is going to go by - then I am fairly certain we are going to blink & it's going to be Christmas.  Which I am kinda ok with by the way.  You know my love for Christmas & since I couldn't put my tree up last year, mine very well may go up November 1st.   Or before.  And no I am not kidding. =)

I know, I know - one holiday at a time. 

I hope you all had a very Happy Easter!  I did & very much enjoyed my 3 day weekend. Friday I spent the entire day in Houston shopping by myself {definitely the way I prefer to shop}.  I didn't buy much {note my previous post about my room being completely full}, but it was fun to look!  Saturday night, my friends and I went to dinner & then decided last minute to grab a bottle of wine & head to my "house" to celebrate finally having a slab.  So, I guess you could say I hosted my first party at my new house. =)  I know things will change once there are 25+ houses on the street, but it was so peaceful out there.  It's kinda like country living in the city.  Fortunately I will have a tree line behind my house & not another house so it makes it really "cozy".  Hopefully this was just the first of many parties to come.
Sunday was church followed by lunch at Whataburger with my parents.  I know you are super jealous of my very exciting life.  ;)  I celebrated Easter with the family Sunday evening at my Mama's house.  We played our traditional game of baseball (it gets serious, let me tell you!), had a fish fry, played a game of pitch & finished off the evening with an Easter egg hunt.  My cousin Abby summed it up perfectly when she said "our family is pretty awesome".  I couldn't agree more.
I almost forgot...we actually finished off the evening killing this bad boy!  A copperhead was crossing the road at my aunt's house on the way home. See - way too many creepy, crawly things in the country!! =)

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