Monday, April 17, 2017

{Easter & Life Lately}

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.  I enjoyed my extra day off, but man did it fly by!!  I have concluded that between work, committees I am involved in, etc - April is by far my busiest month of the year.  Seriously, I think I have something almost every day, night & weekend.  

Here's a quick recap of the past week!

Last Tuesday, Amy, Khloe, Mason & I went to the A&M baseball game.  After a rainy day, the sun came out & it ended up being a really pretty evening.
On Wednesday, Nola spent the day at doggy daycare.  It was their Easter party...can't you tell she's thrilled?!  I am pretty sure she hates me sometimes for what I put her through. =)
I spent Good Friday working in the yard & around the house most of the day.  I had several spots in my yard die so I am working on replacing St. Augustine.  I power washed the house & porch and starting repainting my outdoor chairs.  Needless to say, I was wiped by Friday night!  Saturday we spent the day at Colby & Jodie's celebrating her birthday & Easter with her family.  And y'all - I stepped up my cookie game this time...check them out!!  I was pretty proud...that cookie class we took in December is really paying off. =)
Sunday we went to sunrise service at church {we have it outside in the garden}.  Candlelight Christmas Eve service is my absolute favorite, but this is a close second. 
I came home & went back to bed a for a while & then got up and made homemade donuts!  Not that I needed them {no, I didn't eat them all!!}, but it was something fun to do on a special day.
Sunday evening I headed out to my grandma's, complete with our annual baseball game, walk & egg hunt.
Needless to say, by this morning - this is how Nola & I both were feeling:
{this was actually her on Sunday afternoon while I was washing sheets}
And now it's Monday & here we go again...hope it's a great one!


  1. Oh my gosh, those cookies look amazing! Nice work, girlie! I wanna take a class now. :)

    1. Thanks!! We really enjoyed it & learned some neat techniques. I've had a lot of fun since practicing my cookie skills! =)

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