Wednesday, November 30, 2016

{Thanksgiving Weekend Recap}

Happy {almost} December!  Y'all, can you believe November is almost over & Thanksgiving was almost a week ago?!  SLOW DOWN!!  I am not ready for all this to be over with!!

My 4 day Thanksgiving "break" wasn't much of a break at all because I stayed busy the entire time, but it was filled with lots of family time, fun & yummy food!  I started out by going to our Thanksgiving Eve service at church on Wednesday evening.  I don't know what it is, but I absolutely love going to church in the evening/when it's dark.  It's just something so warm & cozy about it.
We weren't celebrating Thanksgiving until Sunday afternoon so I decided to sign up to help prepare & deliver meals for our local Faith Mission on Thanksgiving morning.  It took less than 2 hours of my time & definitely did my heart some good.
I didn't have a lot of gifts left to buy & there really wasn't anything I needed, but we once again continued our Black Friday {but actually Thursday?!} shopping tradition. Sandra, Amy, Abby & I headed to College Station Thursday afternoon.  
First stop was Kohl's.  We arrived around 4:30...and they didn't open until 6:00.  So we stood in line with all the other crazies for over an hour & a half and all I really wanted was a skillet.  Don't worry, I managed to spend $80 bucks but I did get some really good deals.
After a quick supper at Whataburger {yep, that was my Thanksgiving meal}, we hit up Target, ToysRUs, Ulta & Michael's.   We made it an early night & headed home around 10:30 with a car full.
Can you tell that someone was glad to see me when I finally got home?! She has no concept of personal space. =)
Friday morning, we were back at it bright & early by 6am.  I planned to be home around 10, but pulled into my driveway around 3:30.  We most definitely shopped til we dropped.  I was exhausted!!
I am hosting a shower at my house this Thursday so the rest of the weekend was spent putting up Christmas lights, mowing & cleaning house.  

We FINALLY celebrated Thanksgiving at my grandma's house Sunday evening.  That turkey & dressing was well deserved & tasted oh so yummy!  I was in charge of the rolls. =)
Needless to say, by Sunday night - Nola & I were both wiped out. 
December is most definitely the most wonderful time of the year!  From the decorations to the holiday parties & parades, Christmas cards to candlelight Christmas Eve service - I plan to enjoy every single second of it!

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