Tuesday, November 22, 2016


It's Thanksgiving Week!  Who is ready for some turkey, dressing, pie & shopping?!  Hard to believe it's that time already...and it seriously needs to slow down!!  I feel like the most wonderful time of the year is going to be over way too quickly.  =(

November has been a blur!  A few weeks ago {election night to be exact}, a few friends & I attended a lady's night at a local store. Wine, snacks & shopping with the besties...count me in!  It's kinda become an annual tradition & once again, we had a great time.  And it was WAY better than sitting at home & watching election coverage all night. Just sayin.
 I've been doing a little Christmas crafting...I have seriously become obsessed with making signs!!
And for all the haters.  Ha! =)
Last Friday, our first "real" cold front blew in!  Like the one where you need a coat & gloves.  Finally!!  Unfortunately it only lasted 2 days, but Friday night our high school football team had a playoff game so it felt like real football weather.  
Saturday my 2 favorite kiddos {& Nola's favorite} spent the day with me.  There was lots of lounging around the house watching tv {while eating chips in my bed}.
Saturday night I hit up HEB to get my grocery shopping done so I could avoid the crazies this week...with my first Starbucks red cup in hand!
Tomorrow in my last day of work for the week {woohoo!!}.  We aren't celebrating Thanksgiving until Sunday evening so Thursday morning I am volunteering to deliver meals to shut ins.  This is my first year to participate...and although staying in bed in my pj's while watching the Macy's parade sounds REALLY tempting - I figure this is the least I can do.  Then Thursday afternoon & Friday - my cousins and I are going shopping!  There really isn't honestly anything I need & most of my shopping is done, but it's just fun to go...we have the best time.

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving, surrounded by family & friends.  And just remember...


  1. I had my first red cup of the season this past weekend too! Awhoo hoo!

    Today is my last day at work for the week & I cannot wait to get outta here!!!! :)




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