Wednesday, November 2, 2016

{Scarf Exchange}

My name is Casey and I may have a teeny, tiny obsession with scarves
There is just so darn many cute ones that I can't help myself!!

So when I came across a scarf exchange that Elizabeth at Chasin' Mason was hosting, I had to join!!  I was paired with Mandie at BadBrewPac.  Mandie loves sports like I do.  And I am totally jealous that she lives in Wisconsin where it gets cold so there is a true need for scarves. =)

She requested a bright, fun colored scarf so I hope I came through for her!  Let me tell you how hard it is to find a bright colored winter scarf.  So, the one I got her may be a little more spring/summer appropriate but anytime is a good time for a cute scarf.  You can head over to Mandie's blog to see the scarf I got her.

Let me start by saying that since I have gotten my scarf {which I LOVE}, it has not gotten below 85 degrees, most days in the 90's.  Our Fall has sucked.  No if's, and's or but's about it.  It's been miserable.  It's still short sleeves & flip flops.  No cute sweaters, jeans & boots and unfortunately no scarves.  So, I have not had a chance to wear mine...and therefore have failed on taking any pictures of me wearing it.

I was so excited the day I received my scarf!  And as an added surprise, Mandie send me the cutest little matching glass.  Despite the fact that I have been an Aggie the past 20+ years - I do not have one single Texas A&M scarf so this was perfect!  I absolutely LOVE it!  You definitely cannot go wrong with maroon & white!!  Whoop!!

Thank you so very much Mandie {& Elizabeth for hosting}...hopefully it will get "cooler" here one day soon so I can wear it!


  1. That scarf is great! And the cup too. Love it!

  2. Every sports loving girl needs to have their team on a scarf & I just could not resist that glass, I thought it was perfect! I am SO happy that you like your stuff. I cannot wait to see you cheering for your Aggies while sportin' your new scarf. :)

    1. Thank you again!! Love it & can't wait to wear it!!

  3. So cute!! Way to show your team pride :)

  4. That scarf is AWESOME! What a great idea to send you a personalized gift set like that. I love it!

  5. How fun!! Don't think you could have received a better scarf!! Lol. However, it is scarf weather here in CT and that kinda sucks in its own way. It gets so cold and dreary here. Flip flops and short sleeves sound mighty fine 🙃

  6. We have family who have graduated from Texas A&M! Thanks for joining us!




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