Tuesday, November 1, 2016

{Halloween 2016}

One thing I love most about living in town is having trick-or-treaters at Halloween.  It's so fun to sit outside with my bucket of candy & see the streets filled with kiddos.  I think once our subdivision is finished next year, we will have lots more & I can't wait!

I started out the day by taking Nola to doggie daycare at Barking Ranch.  They were hosting a Halloween "party" so of course she had to have a costume.  Please note it is not easy to find a cute, last minute costume for a 75 pound dog.  Everything was either a size extra small or cost a fortune.  I found a "rufferree" costume at Target for $6 & a $3 Halloween collar at TJMaxx {to girly it up a little}...so a rufferee it was!  Plus y'all know how much I love football so it was kinda fitting.
This year, rather than do individual candy, I decided to do little treat bags for each kiddo...that way I could "ration" better & know exactly how many trick-or-treaters I had.  I made 150 bags...and ran out at 8:00pm {with more kids coming down the street}.
We had our candy ready so then we just had to wait for trick-or-treaters!  I will add that Nola LOVED it!  At first I had her in the backyard, but she was barking like crazy.  My parents came because my mom wanted to pass out candy for a while so while she handed out candy, I had Nola on a leash in the front yard.  She just laid there while all the kiddos loved on her...needless to say, she was in heaven!
Several of my favorite trick-or-treaters stopped by!
My bucket was empty & lights were out by a little after 8:00.  By 8:15, Nola was in bed & out for the night. =)
It's now November first & this...
No, my tree isn't going up quite yet  {I might start this weekend?!} but I may be listening to Christmas music as we speak. =)
Happy November!

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  1. I love the pupper costume. So cute. We almost ran out of candy too! I thought my hubby was gonna have a heart attack with every piece we handed out because that was one less piece he could have. Tee hee!




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