Tuesday, July 26, 2016

{Weekend Recap: Shop til You Drop}

Happy Tuesday folks!  Hard to believe it's the last week in July, but I am so ready for fall!  I can't wait for the return of college football & I am itching to put out my pumpkins.  Don't worry, I'm not {yet} but I am counting down the days!

Last Wednesday, a friend of mine texted & asked if I wanted to take off on Friday and go to the Magnolia Warehouse sale.  How did I not hear about this?!  I did a little research & sure enough, it started at 8am on Friday at the Waco expo center.  My initial thought was - that means I'm going to have to to get up at 4:30am & leave by 5:30am...why the the heck would I want to do that?!  But then I thought about all the Magnolia goodness.  Another friend said she would ride up with me so I figured what the heck & agreed to go.

Thursday night, the Blue Bell ladies had a girl's night....maybe not the smartest thing to do before a 4:30am wake-up call {seeing as I'm not as young as I used to be}, but we had a blast!  These ladies are the best.
Friday morning came way too early, but Kelly & I were on the road by 5:30.  We arrived at the expo center shortly after 7:30 & met up with Carol {she had driven in from Killeen}.  There was a line, as expected, but honestly - it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
They opened the doors at 8am & it was a lot like Black Friday shopping.  It got pretty crazy pretty quick, but the Magnolia folks had everything very organized.  Everything was sorted & labeled by price. A majority of the stuff was "scratch & dent" from the store, but if you dug - you could often find items that were perfectly fine.  I was expecting stuff to be maybe 25% off, but most everything was 50%-75%+.  I was very pleasantly surprised by the prices.  
In total, I got around $300 worth of stuff for $75.  I could have spent a LOT more if money were endless, but I really do love everything I got.  I bought a metal blanket ladder for $20, a wooden tray, chalkboard, metal bucket & candle holder for $10 each, and a salt & pepper shaker, a few votive cups & a towel bar for $1 each!
We shopped & checked out by 9am so we decided to head over to the silos.  Because everyone was at the warehouse sale, it was relatively quiet at the market.  We looked around & then went to the bakery for cupcakes {which wasn't open yet when I was there in May}.  First of all, I am absolutely IN LOVE with the design of the bakery.  All of the black, white & wood has me swooning.  And y'all, those cupcakes were the absolute BEST.  I had a bite of the shiplap, strawberries & cream, nuts & bolts and chocolate peanut butter cup.  Thank goodness it's 2+ hours away or I would go every day!!
After the silos, we decided to head over to Clint's shop - Harp Design Co.  I'll be honest, I was very disappointed by this.  The stuff he sold was more modern & what he did have was really over priced.  We stayed about 5 minutes & left.  But, it was cool to see his shop  & their house that Chip & Joanna redid for them which is right next door.
After a quick trip to Tuesday Morning & lunch at Cheddars, we headed home.  Loved spending the day with my 2 besties...such a fun girl's trip for sure.  But I have to document this...we all got cupcakes to go & given that it's Texas and it was 105 outside, there was no way we could leave them in the car.  So, every store we went into, we packed our cupcakes in with us. =)
Saturday was Colby & Jodie's house warming party {I believe I have mentioned that they recently moved back to town & built a house in my subdivision so we are now neighbors!}.  This little cutie came home with me for a slumber party & of course Nola was in heaven!  Morgan is definitely her favorite person of all time!
Sunday - mom, Morgan & I headed to Katy to do a little shopping.
And after a month & a half of no rain, we FINALLY got some yesterday! We are supposed to get some again today & I certainly hope we do...cause I am so over dragging around a water house & watering my yard.
Check back on Friday because I will be linking up with Kelly's Korner home tour to show my newly painted BLACK laundry room! =)

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  1. Thank you for sharing about the bakery at the Silos. We've gone on two separate occasions, the last time in May, and it wasn't ready. I look forward to going when Baylor Bears baseball starts up again. I had the same thoughts about Clint's shop, too. Way overpriced.




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