Thursday, July 21, 2016

{SUYL Home Tour: Home Offices}

Howdy y'all!  Today's link up on Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life Home Tour is home offices! I had 2 guestrooms, but since I rarely have guests, I recently decided to turn one room into an office.  I had a small desk in there, but hardly ever used it because there was no room; it was more there for "looks".  I like to scrapbook from time to time, but it was always a pain because I would have stuff on the bed, on the floor, on a card table...

My brother & sister-in-law recently moved and one thing they didn't want to move to their new house was a large L-shaped desk.  I was in the market for one so it worked out for the both of us.

Welcome to my office!
The desk was a dark red/cherry wood color....but nothing that a can of chalk paint can't fix!  I love all the storage for my scrapbook stuff, as well as all the surface space.  I am still looking for a few desk accessories to finish it off.
Even before I decided to turn my guestroom into an office, I sold the small desk that was in there & began my search for an old dresser that I could redo & use for storage...for things like gift bags, Christmas gift wrapping supplies, etc.  I found an old dresser on an online garage sale site for $80 bucks.  A coat of black chalk paint {I love that stuff, can you tell?!} & it was perfect for what I was needing.
The frame with quote was an idea I stole from an episode of Fixer Upper, the test tube vase was one of my purchases when I went to Magnolia Market in May, the metal piece was a purchase at the Round Top/Warrenton Antique Festival this spring, the lantern was from a Pottery Barn outlet store & the window is from my grandparent's house.
That's it!  It's not a huge space, but I LOVE the tall ceilings & it serves its purpose well. 
And just as my daily reminder...
Thanks for stopping by!  Next week the link up is for bonus rooms/play rooms...but since I don't have those - I am going to post my newly painted back laundry room!  =) You can also follow me on Instagram.


  1. I love that dresser, and the way you've decorated it. I've never tried chalk paint, but it looks really good. I'll have to give it a try sometime.

  2. Very pretty! I love how the furniture stands out!

  3. Once again, I just love the way you decorate!

  4. I'm loving that wall color! Do you remember what it is?

    1. Hi Stephanie! It's Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray.

  5. I love that quote! I have an old window from our first home together that I'm using as a message board...but now I'm thinking maybe a quote would fit better....




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