Wednesday, July 13, 2016

{Life Lately}

Yikes!  It's been forever since I have done a weekend recap or life lately post.  And here it is mid-July already.  It's crazy how fast this year is flying by.  I don't want to rush my life away, but I am completely fine with fast forwarding through the next 2 months.  It is ridiculously hot, we haven't gotten rain in over a month so my yard is dying & I'm ready for football to be back. =)

So, what have I been up to since my last post back in May?  Nothing too exciting, but here it goes!

Following the great flood of 2016 {which you can read about here} - it continued to rain for a few more weeks, including the day of the Blue Bell picnic.  Needless to say, all outdoor activities were a washout {literally}.
The following weekend we spent Father's Day at Colby & Jodie's apartment in Katy.  They have since closed on their new house here in town & are my neighbors! {& what I wouldn't give to have my backyard look like this!}
I've had a few margarita nights with friends.
A sleepover with this cutie {and yes, Nola was in HEAVEN if you can't tell!}.
Unfortunately due to the heat, our daily, evening walks have been cut short.  Nola definitely prefers swimming in the creek instead.  But how about that sunset?!
I took an extra day off the weekend of July 4th & spent four days checking things off my to-do list like staining my deck & deep cleaning my house.  Note to self: do not decide to stain a deck in was HOT!!  But, I love how it turned out {sorry...forgot to take a complete "after" pic so I will post one soon}. My 4th of July was very quiet...we all went to my parent's house for supper & then Nola and I came home & watched the NYC fireworks on TV.  Exciting life we live, I tell ya! =) #oldpeopleproblems
I've been eyeing these planters at Target for a while now.  But, at $40 bucks each, I just couldn't justify buying them.  I did come across them on sale for $30 once, but again, it was still too much.  I ran into Target this weekend & decided to just check out the garden department to see.  As I turned down the aisle, I could see that they had almost everything marked on clearance.  There at the end  were 2 planters...and they were marked down to $19.99.  And they had an extra 10% off with the Cartwheel app.  The clouds parted & the angels started to sing.  I couldn't get those babies in my basket fast enough!!  =)  So, I ended up getting 2 for $36!!  I can't wait for fall when I can fill them with mums & pumpkins!
I am sure you have all heard what happened in Dallas last week.  I am not going to get into a political or racial debate on my blog, but our country needs  prayers right now.  And lots of them.  
Other than that, it's been baseball, baseball, & more baseball!  My nephew made All Stars so we played 2 games in Burton one weekend & 4 games in College Station this past weekend.  Unfortunately they came up a little short in the end & their season ended Monday night.  They are such a great group of boys {& coaches} so we all hated to see it end...I was REALLY hoping I would be taking a mini vacation to Tyler this weekend for the state tournament. 
That's it.  See?  I told ya...not too exciting stuff! =)  Unfortunately I don't have a big vacation planned this year, but we are road trippin' to the A&M/Auburn game in Auburn in September so that's something I am looking forward to.  Summer has been nice, but I'm ready to move on...bring on the pumpkin spice everything, sweater weather & football!

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  1. The heat is just crazy right now! I did some yard work this morning at 7am and was a sweaty mess afterward. Love the planters...what a good deal!




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