Wednesday, April 6, 2016

{Currently: April}

I'm fairly certain it was just yesterday when I did my Currently: March post.  How did another month already pass by?!  This time of year is super busy for me at work so the time seems to fly by {even faster than usual}.  So, today I am linking up with Jenna &'s what is currently going on in April!
Making: lots of little decor updates around the house.  I have lived there a little over 18 months now so it was time for a change & refresh.  And yes, I have jumped on board the Chip & Joanna train and feel like my house needs a little "farmhouse" vibe.  No shiplap yet, but I'm hoping one day in the near future. =)

Wishlisting: a backyard makeover, but unfortunately that one isn't going to fit in the budget this year.  But, I am dreaming & wishing for a paver patio, pergola, party lights & lots of landscaping.

Cleaning: out closets, drawers, the pantry, etc.  Spring cleaning time is in full swing!  I go thru phases where I get tired of clutter & the past few weeks was one of those times.  Thankfully my aunt had a garage sale so lots went in that, lots of clothes was listed on a local online sale site & some will be donated to a local organization.  There is nothing more rewarding than a clean, organized closet. 

Posting:  room updates soon!  I redid an old dresser, repainted & organized my grocery pantry, repainted & redecorated my guestroom & redecorated my office...and I have yet to post about any of it.  Soon, very soon - I promise!

Tasting:  Nestle Splash water!  I am trying to do better & not drink as many Diet Cokes.  I have never had an issue drinking water - I drink lots at work everyday, but let's face it - plain water gets a little boring sometimes.  I found these on sale last week so I gave them a try & I'll definitely be switching out a bottle of two of my regular water for these.

That's what I am currently about you? 


  1. Saw your blog title from the Currently linkup and had to stop in for another football-lovin' gal! :) I just started watching Fixer Upper finally and Chip and Joanna are amazing- I wish they would travel to Ohio haha!

  2. Haha, Chip and Joanna are totally inspiring me in my workspace design! I just wish they would come over and do it for me. :)

    Thanks for linking up!!

  3. I love Chip and Joanna!! We bought our house 2 years + 2 months ago and have lived there almost 2 years now. I'm feeling the itch to do something to it and my husband's all "no time, I'm in grad school, lady! get away from the power tools!" I did talk him into a storm door for our front porch finally. #GiveMeAllTheSunshine :)

    Also - have you used MIO water flavoring? I drink Spark + water in the mornings and either a spark or MIO all afternoon - I like flavor so plain water is hard for me to drink all day!

    1. I haven't tried the MIO water, but will definitely have to! Plain old water gets boring after a while. Thanks for stopping by!! =)




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