Monday, March 28, 2016

{Junkin' & Huntin': Weekend Recap}

Well, it's Monday again & the countdown to the next 3 day weekend begins.  It's 63 days by the way. Hope everyone had a great Easter filled with family & friends; He died so we can live!  
For the first time in as long as I can remember, I didn't come in to work on Good Friday.  Since it always falls during tax time, I normally can't afford to lose a day of work.  But, since we are still on little to no overtime, I got to spend the day doing something other day balancing numbers & checking off assets.  And I have to say - it was quite enjoyable.  I've been missing out!

Friday morning I headed out the Antique show in Warrenton...just me, myself & I for a few hours of shopping.  I am not an antique person, but thanks to Fixer Upper - I think my house needs a little "farmhouse" vibe & the field in Warrenton is full of just that.  It can be a little overwhelming so after about 4 hours, I was broke & ready to call it a day.
By the time I was leaving, traffic was starting to become a nightmare!  It was backed up for miles.  I was thankful to be going in the opposite direction.
I did make one stop at Junk Gypsy to see what all the hype is about. I was disappointed in that it was mostly overpriced t-shirts, jewelry & candles and very little home decor.  But, an unexpected surprise was that Jen Hatmaker was there doing a book signing!  The line was long, so I didn't stick around for an autograph, but I was a little stalkerish & snuck a picture.
This is what I ended up coming up with.  Still not 100% sure where it's all going, but doesn't it look quite Fixer Upperish to you? =)
I'm not sure how I feel about white painted rooms, but I decided the best way to find out is to paint a room that's what I did Friday afternoon!  My guestroom in the one room in my house that hasn't been repainted so I figured why not.  
I have LOVED this room in the Magnolia House Bed & Breakfast ever since I saw it's serving as my inspiration.  I love how the black bed pops again the all white walls & bedding.  I finished painting, but it's still not more pictures to come soon!
I went to dinner with family Friday night & then had a sleepover with my favorite girlie.  Can you tell how disappointed Nola is to have the kiddos over?  Ha!  She definitely doesn't lack for love & attention when they are there.
Saturday we spent the day hanging around the house, I mowed & then we went on a walk.  Later that evening I made a quick trip to College Station for last minute Easter gifts.
Sunday morning was sunrise service at 6:30am {my second favorite to Christmas Eve}, followed by breakfast at church & then a nap.  I headed out to my grandma's that afternoon to celebrate Easter with a fish fry, egg hunt & our traditional game of pasture baseball!  Family...that's definitely what it's all about. 
Needless to say, the alarm clock went off WAY too early.  I definitely could have used an extra day off.  And clearly Nola could have as well.  But, unfortunately duty calls so it was back to work for me...and back to napping for Nola!

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