Thursday, March 3, 2016

{Currently: March}

Today I am linking up with Jenna &'s what is currently going on in March! 
Wishing: that the cold weather wasn't over yet.  Yes, I realize I am probably the only one, but this winter has been a major disappointment.  All of my cute scarves went unworn this year.  But, it looks like the groundhog is right & spring will be coming sooner than later!

Craving: Olive Garden.  Which is kinda strange because Italian is not top on my list of favorites.  But, I saw a commercial a few weeks ago & have been wanting it ever since.  I get Mexican weekly, but Italian is few & far between!

Going: Antiquing at Round Top/Warrenton in a few weeks!  It's antique month & I can't wait.  I am not a huge "antique" person, but  I love all the little fun & unique things you can find out there.

Wearing:  My new favorite thing from a little boutique here in town.  It's "dressy" enough for work when paired with boots & jeans, but I can also wear it with capris & flip flops and I won't die from the Texas heat & humidity. {& ignore the bathroom selfie!} =)

Learning:  That life doesn't always go as planned & that's ok.  I need to embrace the season I am in now & not worry about tomorrow.

That's what I am currently about you? 

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  1. Ha, I think you are the only one on that! I've seen lots of warm weather wishes, including in my own post :) And I've never found a good place to do antiquing (nor do I know anything about it) but I love the idea of collecting unique little finishing touches for our home decor. Have fun!




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