Tuesday, January 12, 2016

{My Boring Weekend}

Couldn't think of a title for my post & well - that pretty much sums it up.  It was a no stress, super chill weekend...and it was perfect!  It was nice to have nothing planned & no where to be.  Friday evening, Nola & I did this:
That dog LOVES to walk.  Rain {as you can see it was in this pic} or shine, day or night - we have to walk every single day.  You say the word WALK & she's at the door waiting to go.  

Saturday, mom & I headed to College Station to do a little shopping.  I thought in this house that I wanted less "stuff", but now that I have less "stuff" - it looks empty...especially after having it decorated for fall since August & Christmas since November.  I never spend much on anything - TJ Maxx, Target, Kohls, Hobby Lobby, Homegoods...definitely my favorite places to shop for home decor.  I didn't get a lot, but did pick up a few little things.  PSA: the Valentine's stuff in the dollar spot at Target is super cute!!  There was a gorgeous sunset on the way home.
We finally got a little taste of winter on Saturday so Sunday morning was quite chilly.  I decided to skip church, stay in my pj's by the fireplace & watch The Pioneer Woman on tv.  And that was ok.  I did finally get dressed, went to the grocery store, and then Nola & I went on a 5 mile walk...it ended up being a beautiful day!
There you have it, my super exciting weekend.  Ha!  Told you it was boring.  This weekend is the Wine Swirl & I can't wait!!  

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  1. Hey - lots of walking and exploring is never a bad thing! Looks like a super fun and chill weekend bonding with your fur kid!! That's my kind of weekend! I am following - you can follow back if you want at Annster's Domain
    I love your blog - have a great day!




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