Monday, November 2, 2015

{Hello November!}

And just like that - it's November!  I love fall in general, but November & December are my absolute favorite 2 months of the year.  I love the transition in the weather & most definitely the decor from fall to Christmas.  Someone posted this on Facebook yesterday & YES!  This is me.  I may or may not  have listened to Christmas music on the way to church yesterday. =)
The Hallmark Channel started playing Christmas movies Saturday night so my TV stayed on channel 1365 almost the entire weekend {with the exception of a football game here & there}.  I have seen more of them 20 times, but you can't help my love them.  I had decided that I could hold off one more week & put my tree up next weekend, but dang it.  Between the Hallmark Channel & people posting pics on Facebook of their trees - I couldn't help it.  I caved.  Down came the fall decor & up went the tree.  It's not decorated & I won't turn it on yet, but at least it's up.  Stayed tuned for the completed tree in the next week or two.
But first - a quick recap of Halloween weekend!  Friday night, my BFF's & I had a night of margaritas & Mexican food.  We ended the night at Home Depot & we have exciting lives or what?!?
Saturday morning involved pj's, the A&M game & cleaning house.  Fortunately with the help of a new QB {and maybe the black uniforms} - we were finally able to break our 2 game losing streak.  It wasn't pretty, but a win's a win!  I had a birthday party that afternoon & then it was back home to get ready for Trick or Treaters!
I thought our neighborhood would be crazy busy, but it really wasn't.  We had a nice steady flow of kiddos & I had just the right amount of candy.  Some of my favorites stopped by - Alvin & Simon and Cinderella!
All of the door bell ringing was a little too much for Nola so after a photo op in her witch's house - she spent most of the evening in the backyard.  I am not sure if it was the full moon or what, but she was C-R-A-Z-Y last week.  She ate carpet & crayons and was just WILD!  By last night, she crashed & thankfully slept the entire night.  And PS - having a dog is like having a child when it comes to Daylight Savings Time.  Like clockwork - she was up at the crack of dawn.  So much for getting an extra hour of sleep!

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