Wednesday, October 7, 2015

{Is it Naptime Yet?}

Whew.  The past few days have been ex-haust-ing.  My October calendar is almost completely full, but I was able to check off a lot this weekend.  Added bonus?  A four day weekend with absolutely gorgeous weather.  I loved every second of it!  
I'm sure I have a few more creepy, crawly little creatures in my house now, but the back door stayed open all day, every day from Friday til Monday.  Low humidity, north breeze, & cool temps?  Yes, please!!
Friday we had our annual garage sale at my house {I completely forgot to take pics!}.  Garage sales are a LOT of work, but we do really well.  We sold out of almost all the good stuff my noon & were done by 3:00.  I made nearly $200 bucks & only had one small box of stuff left...not bad if I do say so myself.
Nola and I both slept in on Saturday {as in til 7:30...ever since I got her - anything past 6am is "sleeping in"} & then I headed out to take a few pictures at a wedding. Back home, changed into my maroon & then Amy, Carol, Kelly & I headed to watch the Aggies BTHO mississippi state!  I was fortunate enough to get tickets again & it was the perfect day for football.  The weather was beautiful & the new stadium is even more impressive at night.
{what do you when you are with 104,455 of your closest friends waiting to get down the stairs?  Take a selfie of course.}
Sunday was my church's 125th Anniversary celebration & I had the honor of being on the planning committee.  The service was held at Fireman's Park, followed by a fried chicken lunch.  Again, we couldn't have asked for better weather. There were over 500 people in attendance!
When you have been going for 3 days straight - just keep going!  So that's what I did...Sunday evening, I went out to a friend's house to watch the Cowboys lose.  But, the s'mores were great & the company was even better!
Best way to get my butt motivated to do a deep cleaning?  Volunteer to host something at my house!  Cleaning, mowing and more cleaning were on the agenda for Monday.  I took a break in the evening & kept the kiddos for a few hours & the 4 of us went on a walk.  Nola's absolute, most favorite thing to do in the whole world is go for a walk.  You will quickly become her favorite person if you take her on one.
Around 9 o'clock Monday night, I couldn't find her so I went to my room & found this.  Poor thing was exhausted.  When I finally crawled in bed around 11:00, she was snoring.  She didn't move until I woke her up at 6:00 Tuesday morning.
And finally - Tuesday was National Night Out!  This was my 2nd year to host & I absolutely love having everyone over.  We had a great turnout...around 50+ adults & kids I believe.  Last year, there were only a few of us living there, but now that the neighborhood is full - it was nice to finally get to meet everyone.  It was potluck so everyone brought their favorite dish & we had LOTS of yummy food.  The fire department & police department stopped by so the kids had a blast with that.  I am so fortunate to have such awesome neighbors.  Our cul-de-sac is pretty kick-ass!! =)
Now I'm kinda tired all over again!  =) Thankfully this weekend is an "off" weekend...not much on the schedule, no Aggie football, the house is clean & the yard is's to sleeping late & maybe spending all day in my pj's! 

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  1. WOW! Yea, I'd say that's definitely a busy weekend! So many gatherings, such fun!




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