Tuesday, July 28, 2015

{Sweet Summertime}

Who am I kidding?!?  I HATE summer.  I know all of my teacher friends & friends with kiddos love it...but I cannot wait for fall & cooler weather.  And football.  I'm REALLY missing football.
What started out as a not-so-bad summer with below average temps & lots of rain has quickly gone south.  And yes, I am very thankful for the "pleasant" June we had...but July has definitely made up for it.  It's HOT and DRY...and my yard is starting to die {which kinda makes me grouchy}.  Unfortunately, I think we have many more weeks of it ahead! 
Call me crazy {it doesn't bother me}, but I have already decided that the fall decor is going up this weekend.  Kinda like the old saying "if you build it, they will come"...well maybe if I break out the pumpkins - fall will come! =)

So, other than dying of a heatstroke - here is what else I have been up to this summer...
{and yes I realize I am being a little dramatic, but you should all know my dislike for summer by now}

June was full of celebrating birthdays and Colby & Jodie's wedding!  In case you missed it - I did a blog post about it here.  Before it got so crazy hot, we went to Movie in the Park, had a few girl's nights, did a little yard work & gave Nola's hand-me-down doghouse a makeover {I'm fairly certain I was a little more impressed with it than she was}.


At the end of June, Mason started All Stars & they continued playing {and winning!} until last weekend.  They went undefeated through district, sectionals & state.  Unfortunately at this age, they can't move on, but this was the first time for the Washington County 9-10 year olds to win state.  We had a lot of fun cheering them on & I'm quite certain Mason had the largest fan club!
Of course, what would a blog post be without a few pictures of Nola!  She shares my dislike for summer so other than our nightly walk & 30 minutes or so of fetch in the backyard - she most definitely prefers to be inside.  As a "treat", I would let her nap on my bed for an hour or so before bedtime & then she would go in her crate.  Well, I made the mistake of letting her sleep in the bed all night one night & that's all it took...she was hooked.  She now thinks the bed is hers & is quite the bed hog!  Hard to believe I have had her 6 months already.
{She hasn't learned to jump on the bed yet so this is how she lets me know she's ready to go to sleep}
Probably the best news of the summer {other than the Hallmark Channel now being on U-verse} is that we are making ice cream again!  Our Sylacauga plant began crankin' out ice cream last week for a "test phase". Things seem to be going good & Broken Arrow should hopefully start up in a few weeks as well. Brenham has a little ways to go since we are so much larger, but hopefully we will have ice cream back in stores SOON!  We are ready to sell it & I KNOW people are ready to buy it...just a little longer!!  I can promise you there will be a BIG party once we have ice cream back on the shelves.

Here's to surviving a few more weeks of summer! =)


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