Monday, October 13, 2014

{Weekend Recap}

It's Monday already.  Dang these weekends go by fast!!  Of course, this does mean I am one weekend closer to putting up my Christmas tree.  No, it's not going up yet - I am going to enjoy my pumpkins a little longer...but it will go up sooner than later.  I didn't get to put one up last year, remember??  I have to make up for lost time!! =)  Thankfully fall has finally returned today.  I was really over those summer-like temps in October.  High's this week in the 70's & lows in the 50's...this makes me HAPPY!

This past Friday night was the 13th annual Washington County Relay for Life.  With the exception of a year or two break, I have been involved in the event every year either as a team captain, committee  member or event chair.  I know from experience that putting the event together is a lot of work, and it makes me sad to see so little community involvement now.  Cancer affects everyone at some point in their life, either personally or thru a friend or family member.    Even though there may have only been 8 teams out there, we raised over $84,000...and every dollar counts.  I was the team captain for the Blue Bell team & we raised $7188!
{we were 1 of only 2 teams that stayed til it was over at midnight...but we aren't 2%ers - there was no going home early!!}
I took a "break" from house stuff on Saturday - no cleaning, decorating, unpacking or was all about college football all day long.  Texas vs. OU, Mississippi State vs. Auburn, Baylor vs. TCU, Alabama vs. Arkansas...there were LOTS of good games on.  Unfortunately I probably got to watch the worst game of the day in person.  Seriously - there are no words for the way we played Saturday night.  I thought the Arkansas game was bad.  And then we played Mississippi State.  I thought that game was bad.  And then we played Ole Miss. I am going to chalk this up as a rebuilding year & hopefully next year will be better. It does make me feel somewhat better that Mississippi State ran over Auburn and that Alabama struggled with Arkansas.  It gives me a little hope that we might can beat bama this weekend.  We are roadtripping to Tuscaloosa so all I am hoping for is a good game...and NO RAIN!!

The good news is that I FINALLY got to see the new stadium and it's pretty darn awesome.  It's hard to even remember what it looked like before the redevelopment; I can't wait to see it completely finished next year...I think it's going to be incredible!
It is crazy loud in there now & despite the outcome of the game - it doesn't get much better than game day in Aggieland!
If things work out, I am hoping to finally be a season ticket holder next year & I cannot wait.  See those 2 seats in the very top corner in the new south end zone?  Or maybe the two below the giant screen that will probably cause me to go deaf & blind?  Yep, that's probably where I'll be.   But that's ok - at least I'll be there {and hopefully we will be having a better season}! 
But for now - BTHO bama!!

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