Monday, September 15, 2014

{Where Do I Begin?!?}

As of 10:00am on Friday, August 29th - I officially became a homeowner again!  And since then, it's been C-R-A-Z-Y!!  
 As soon as I finished signing my life away, my family & I left town to head to Cayuga to watch my baby brother coach his first football game.  Unfortunately it rained for the first quarter {you are shocked I know...remember my luck with football road trips?!?} and they lost by one point, but it was still fun to watch.  He lives on a lake nearby so we spent the night in some cabins and then I headed home Saturday afternoon.
Throughout this whole house building process - if it could happen - it has happened to me.  But, I have learned to not sweat the small stuff & just kinda go with the flow on most things.  I have most definitely learned to have patience.  After closing on Friday, I was supposed to go to the sale's office to get the keys to my house.  When I got there, they couldn't find them.  Since I was leaving town anyway, it wasn't a big deal & they assured me they would have them when I got back to town on Saturday.  Well, when I got back to town on Saturday evening - still no keys.  They were officially lost & the real kicker?  The key maker was on a hunting trip!  I won't go into all the details, but the next hour or so was not my finest moment...the key issue combined with lack of sleep & walking into what I thought should be a finished house that wasn't - nearly drove me over the edge.  The locks were finally replaced the following Wednesday & I am still working to resolve some of the unfinished things, but it's getting there!

Before moving in, I wanted to repaint most of the interior, replace a few light fixtures & add ceiling fans in the guest bedrooms.  Yes, I realize the house is brand new, but they paint everything - walls & ceilings - the same color.  I knew I would want different colors in different rooms & now was the best time to do it.  Saturday night I painted the laundry room & then my Aunt Sandra joined me on Sunday.  For 2 straight {long} days, we painted.  And painted.  She did all the cut in work {she can paint the straightest baseboard line I have EVER seen} and I rolled.  We painted the master bedroom & bathroom, hallway, living room, kitchen & breakfast room.  13 gallons of paint.  It wasn't as bad as I anticipated & we still have a few walls that need a second coat, but I am SO THANKFUL we did it before I moved everything in. It completely changes the look of the house & I LOVE it!  Once I get everything decorated, I'll post much better pictures but here's a few iphone shots.
I spent the next week making 5,634 trips to storage.  Seriously.  It felt like at least that many...if not more.  I am fairly certain I could drive from Timberline Court to Westbrook Storage on North Dixie with my eyes closed. I finally made my last load on Sunday afternoon & this was the best sight EVER!
On Monday {September 8th}, the rest of my appliances & my mattress were delivered so that night marked my first official night as a resident of Timberline Court!  My bed never felt so good.  Although I am fairly certain that by that point, I probably could have slept on the concrete in the garage without a problem.  After 11 days of painting, moving, & unpacking - I was thankful to go back to work.  And, be commute {with school traffic} is 3 1/2 minutes. =)

I have spent the past week unpacking boxes & trying to get things organized.  Living like this is kinda driving me crazy.  There is stuff EVERYWHERE!  I know it's going to take time and slowly but surely it's getting there.  And I have only gone thru one bottle of wine...I haven't even had time to drink!  I did take a break from unpacking yesterday & decorated for Fall.  I couldn't take one more day without pumpkins...especially with temps in the 60's this weekend! By late last night, I had finally cleared out all of the boxes & extra stuff in the living room and kitchen.  I am still sitting on patio furniture because I haven't found a couch that I like yet {or lampshades}, but at least it's clean & organized. And, this past Friday night, I had my first official overnight house 2 favorite kiddos!
Now my room...that's another story.  At least the ladder isn't in the kitchen anymore & I can shut the door to that room.  It's on the agenda for this week....along with clearing out the boxes on at least one side of the garage.  I must say, I have gotten really good at parking my vehicle in there with only about 6 inches of room to spare on either side. If you are ever in the neighborhood, please stop by...I would love to give you a tour {boxes & all}.  
OK, enough procrastinating...back to unpacking!

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