Wednesday, June 11, 2014

{Move In Day Is Near!}

Seriously, things are happening so quickly at my house now that I can't keep up with blogging about them...not that I am complaining!!  This is certainly a good problem to have.  =)
Last week, they started & completed hanging the drywall, taping & floating, and texturing.  It became a real house over night!
But, the real fun began this week!  It rained most of the day Monday so I stopped by after work not expecting anything to have been done.  But, when I opened the front door - I was greeted by the most glorious sight - CABINETS!!    I may have even done a little happy dance. =)
Most importantly - I LOVE them!  Of course, cabinet color selection was another source of stress for me back in February.  In my last house, my cabinets were an orangey-oak color & I hated them from day one.  I always said I wanted dark cabinets in my next house & I stuck by that for 5+ years.  But when it came time to actually make my selections - I started second guessing my decision {you are shocked, I know}.  I see kitchens with white cabinets & I absolutely love them so I started leaning that way for a while.  Unfortunately, because our choices are limited, I couldn't find a granite that I liked with the white cabinets so I followed my gut & went with dark ones.  Yes, they are almost black & I am sure they will show dust, but I really do love them & am so happy with my choice.
They have also laid the forms for the driveway & delivered my interior doors so hopefully there will be lots more changes in the very near future.  I am going to be sitting on my back porch with a glass of wine before I know it!! =)

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