Monday, June 30, 2014

{Cooking For A Cure}

This past weekend, some members of the Blue Bell Relay For Life team & myself competed in the 1st Annual Cooking For A Cure BBQ Cook-Off.  None of us have ever participated in a cook-off so we had no clue what we were doing.  But, for being amateurs & getting everything together in less than a week - I think we did pretty darn good!!
Since we were representing Blue Bell, we wanted to do something Blue Bell related.  After much thought - we came up with TL (Tommy Lange) and The Supremes (since there used to be Blue Bell Supreme Ice Cream).  One thing led to another & before we knew it, there was a stage, costumes, wigs, & lip syncing.  Clearly we were aiming for Showmanship since we weren't so sure about our cooking skills!! =)
Friday night was the margarita & chef's choice competition.  Our margarita didn't do so great, but we got 2nd with our pork tenderloin stuffed with boudin & cream cheese and wrapped with bacon.  Believe me, it was as good as it sounds!  Saturday was bloody mary's, beans, chicken, ribs, & brisket.  We entered every category except brisket & surprisingly did very well!  We got 1st in bloody mary's, 2nd in beans, & 3rd in ribs.
Oh yes, and we won showmanship. =)
There weren't a lot of teams, but it was perfect for us!  Everyone was there to have fun & the money went to a great cause.  It was HOT & a long 2 days, but we had a great time & are already strategizing for next year!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

{Wasted Away Again in Margaritaville...}

Great friends, the beach, & margaritas...doesn't get much better than that!  
Yesterday, some friends & I made a road trip to Galveston for the first annual Texas Tequila & Margarita Festival which was held at Moody Gardens.  Since this was the first one, we weren't sure what to expect, but it was SO MUCH FUN!!    
{What's a road trip without a stop at Buc-ee's??}
After barely surviving the traffic in Houston & discovering once we pulled into the parking lot at Moody Garden's that Abby had left her ID on her dresser at home, we ended up having a blast!  There were 3 events: an outdoor festival from 12pm-10pm, a tequila tasting from 12pm-3pm & a margarita tasting from 3pm-6pm. I'll admit that the outdoor festival was a little bit of a disappointment, but the margarita tasting definitely made up for it!
The place was packed & the vendors were a little unorganized so the lines got a little long, but we met lots of new friends while we waited.  Everyone was so nice & friendly...but then again, maybe it was just the tequila talking! =)  We sampled pretty much every kind of margarita you can imagine: plain, strawberry, watermelon, jalapeno, peach, cucumber...some were delicious, some were not so delicious.  You could also vote for your favorite for the people's choice award.  Another good thing about the event is that all of the money raised went to a local charity.  So, at least we were drinking for a good cause!  They had a DJ playing music the entire time & the night ended with an impromptu dance party.  I am fairly certain all the tequila definitely played a roll in that one!
After a quick stop at the beach, we headed back home.  We will definitely be going back next year if they have it again, but we will for sure be staying the night in Galveston.  2 1/2 hour drive home after that = no fun!! 
Hillary, Tracy, & Tabbatha - thanks for an awesome was a blast!! ;)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

{Move In Day Is Near!}

Seriously, things are happening so quickly at my house now that I can't keep up with blogging about them...not that I am complaining!!  This is certainly a good problem to have.  =)
Last week, they started & completed hanging the drywall, taping & floating, and texturing.  It became a real house over night!
But, the real fun began this week!  It rained most of the day Monday so I stopped by after work not expecting anything to have been done.  But, when I opened the front door - I was greeted by the most glorious sight - CABINETS!!    I may have even done a little happy dance. =)
Most importantly - I LOVE them!  Of course, cabinet color selection was another source of stress for me back in February.  In my last house, my cabinets were an orangey-oak color & I hated them from day one.  I always said I wanted dark cabinets in my next house & I stuck by that for 5+ years.  But when it came time to actually make my selections - I started second guessing my decision {you are shocked, I know}.  I see kitchens with white cabinets & I absolutely love them so I started leaning that way for a while.  Unfortunately, because our choices are limited, I couldn't find a granite that I liked with the white cabinets so I followed my gut & went with dark ones.  Yes, they are almost black & I am sure they will show dust, but I really do love them & am so happy with my choice.
They have also laid the forms for the driveway & delivered my interior doors so hopefully there will be lots more changes in the very near future.  I am going to be sitting on my back porch with a glass of wine before I know it!! =)



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