Monday, January 20, 2014

{Uptown Swirl}

This past weekend, some friends & I went to the "Uptown Swirl" in downtown Brenham.  You walk from store to store and sample a variety wines.  There were 29 stops, 50+ wines and even live music at the courthouse square.  I mean, what could be better than shopping, drinking wine & spending an evening with great friends?!?  We had a blast!  If you didn't go this year, definitely make plans to go next year!! 
After 4 hours of wine sampling & supper, we ended the night at The Kenney Store.  Here are a few pics...

Living in a small town definitely has it's disadvantages at times, but I really do love it here. This weekend was a perfect example why.  I honestly can't see myself living anywhere else.  My friends & family are here.  My job is here.  As much as I love traveling to NYC, Chicago, & Washington DC - I think Brenham, Texas will always be where I call home! 

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