Friday, March 16, 2018

{Finally Friday}

Hello, it's me.  

Seriously y'all...I've been a flunky.  But, life happens.  Quite honestly I am not sure where the first 3 1/2 months of the year went!  I am swamped at work so the days fly by & I'm pretty sure I've had something every weekend. So, you blink & another week has come & gone.

But when I looked back for pics to blog about - I don't have many.  Ha!  So really, I have no clue what I've been doing the past few weeks...but here's a little glimpse.

I took Mason & a few of his friends to an A&M baseball game one evening.  I gotta admit, while baseball is probably my 2nd favorite sport, there's a BIGGGGG jump between my 1st & 2nd.  Football has my heart through & through.  And yes, we were in jackets & wrapped in blankets because it was was COLD!
Poor Nola hasn't been feeling well.  About a week & a half ago, she started limping & hasn't stopped since.  We went to the vet last Friday & they gave her pain pills and told me to come back this week if she wasn't better.  Well, she wasn't better so we went back to the vet yesterday.  4 x-rays later & they concluded there is nothing wrong...but she's still limping?!  So who knows...maybe a sprain or bruise?!
It has been hard to keep her down because we have had some gorgeous days.  Time changed last weekend so it's staying light until well after 7 o'clock & all she wants to do is go for walks & play.
And finally, this sweet boy turns 1 tomorrow!!  How is that possible?!  Seems like just yesterday I got the text from Colby that they were on their way to the hospital, followed by the next 12 hours in the waiting room & finally meeting Bo around midnight.  
Happy Friday, friends!  Tonight it's Mexican food & margaritas with the besties.

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  1. Hey, life gets busy, so busy that we sometimes don't get pictures to show off the busyness. Ha!

    I hope that you had a nice weekend & that your pupper is feeling better.




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