Wednesday, February 7, 2018

{Super Bowl 52 Par-tay!}

Happy Wednesday!  Who was excited to see anyone but the Patriots win the Super Bowl on Sunday?! Ha!  I'm a Cowboys fan {& we sucked this year} so honestly it really didn't matter to me who won, but it was nice to see the underdogs get the win.  Sorry, but I am just not a fan of Tom Brady.

Regardless of who won, it gave me an excuse to host a party & that's always a win for me!  The past few years I have hosted a few friends/coworkers & I was nominated to do so again this year.  One reason I don't mind is because it gets my butt in gear to get my house clean!
I actually finished & was ready about an hour before everyone was set to arrive so it was nice just to sit down & relax.  
And yes, we used our CrockPots {if you watch This Is Us, you know what I mean. Ha!}
As usual, we had WAY too much food but man was it delicious! 
Justin Timberlake did not disappoint at halftime {although it would have been cool if NSYNC would have performed like it was rumored}.
This always makes me laugh {& there were a few more on the other side of the kitchen}.
I know we might be a little boring for some, but it's a night filled with football, friends & it doesn't get much better than that for me!
Once everyone left & I finished getting everything cleaned up, I sat down & watched the highly anticipated episode of This Is Us.  It wasn't quite as sad I thought it would be but I still shed a few tears.  Now, last night's episode was another story...good thing we get a few weeks off to recover. =)
Y'all, I don't want to rush the next few months but it's just not my favorite time of the year.  Work is crazy busy, the weather is just kinda damp & yucky, my yard & plants are all still dead, baseball isn't my favorite's just kinda ugh.  If I could repeat September - December over & over again, I totally would.  February is my birthday month though so let the celebrating begin!

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  1. I love Superbowl parties & was happy to see the Eagles win. It was a really fun game to watch, that's for sure. :)

    As for This Is Us, I am probably one of the few people that does not watch it...




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