Tuesday, October 10, 2017

{Knock, Knock...Who's Still There?}

Oh my goodness!  Somehow almost an entire month has passed since I blogged last.  Seriously y'all, life if flying by way too fast these days.  Slow the heck down already!!  While this time of the year is my absolute favorite, it's also be busiest.  So, here's what's been happening in my life lately...

I got up early one Saturday morning & headed out to Round Top/Warrenton to do a little shopping.  I came home with an old sled {it's never too early to start thinking Christmas decor!} & a few other goodies.
I went to our local county fair.  The headliner Saturday night was Dwight Yoakam & I so I had to go!  But one night was more than enough...I'm too old to hang with the young folks! =)
I've gotten to babysit these cuties a few times.
I hosted our 4th annual Ralston Creek National Night Out at my house.  We had about 60 people there!  It rained off & on all night, but that didn't stop anyone from having a great time!
I went to our homecoming parade.
And had a garage sale at my house {the last 3 things all in the SAME WEEK...what was I thinking?!}
I decorated for Halloween.
And had my fall tablescape featured in an online magazine.  How cool is that?!
Got stuck in traffic on 290 for almost 3 hours one Saturday due to a 13 car pileup.
Had a girl's night with the ladies at work.
And finally, planned our Florida road trip which we leave for on Thursday!!  I absolutely cannot wait!
So there you have it!  Everything I have been up to the past month.  Man, makes me kinda tired just recalling it all!  But, I absolutely love it & wouldn't have it any other way!  Like I said, we leave on Thursday morning for Florida & I'll be back next week with a recap!

Happy Fall Y'all!

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