Thursday, October 1, 2015

{Throwback Thursday}

We are throwing it way back to last week & weekend! ;)  Hey, better late than never for a weekend recap, right?!?  October is going to be a crazy busy month so be prepared for lots of "better late than never" posts.

But first, check out this forecast for the next few days!!  Welcome fall!!  I'm sure it's only just a tease & it will be back in the upper 90's by the end of next week, but I am going to enjoy it while it lasts.  And, it's timing couldn't be more PERFECT for it: I am having a garage sale tomorrow, going to the A&M game Saturday, having our church's 125th anniversary celebration Sunday & I'm hosting National Night Out at my house on Tuesday.  I think it's going to be a gorgeous weekend. Oh, and I finally got my porch decorated & I'm loving it!
In addition to cheering on the Brenham Cubs, Aggies & Dallas Cowboys, I'm now a fan of the St. Paul's Crusaders!  My nephew Mason starting playing flag football this year & so last Tuesday night was spent at the football field.  
Last Friday night was our high school homecoming so they held a homecoming parade downtown Wednesday evening & I got to spend it with all my favorite kiddos.  Gotta love small towns...we love to have parades for anything & everything!  I'm certainly not knocking's one thing I love about it!
Friday afternoon, I headed to Austin for the Relay for Life South Territory Fall Conference.  It was supposed to last Friday night & all day Saturday, but unfortunately I had to head home early; Mr. Ed Kruse, past president of Blue Bell passed away earlier in the week & his funeral was Saturday afternoon.  But, my time at the conference was good - I learned a lot & met some very nice people.
This week has been spent marking garage sale stuff & finishing up projects around the house {like organizing my garage}.  Oh & daily evening walks with Nola.  She LOVES to go for walks, and even though the days have been hot - the nights have been beautiful...especially the sunsets!
Like I said, October is going to be crazy busy, but I can't wait....lots of fun times ahead! Have a great weekend & enjoy the cooler weather!! Oh & gig'em Aggies!  BTHO mississippi state!!

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