Monday, March 9, 2015

{Life Lately}

Yes, I admit - I've been a horrible blogger lately.  It's really hard to believe that it's the second week of March already; this year is flying by & the past 2 months are kind of a blur.  I feel like all of my time is spent either a) running home to let Nola out to go potty or b) going to a meeting.  While I love being involved in things, everything requires that you meet and before I know it, I have a meeting every night of the week.  Honestly, it gets a little overwhelming at times. It's tax time again as well so on top of everything else, work is crazy busy too.  Because of the whole house thing last year, I didn't go on a vacation, but this year it's a must...somehow, someway!  New York City is LOUDLY calling my name.

Right now, 90% percent of my time is being occupied by this little wild child:
{We are working on "sit" she's patiently waiting on a treat in this picture.}
In case you missed it, I adopted a yellow-lab mix from a shelter back in February.  You can read about Nola's adoption story here. I haven't had a puppy in a VERY long time so it's definitely been an adjustment.  I used to be on the go a lot...but that has definitely changed.  I'm crate training her so it requires that I go home twice a day to let her out.  No more all-day shopping trips to Houston, etc.  I know it's just for a while & once she gets older and can be outside some, things will be much better.  

I've had her for 5 weeks now & she is still a really good puppy.  We did encounter a few issues about 2 weeks after I got her with what we think now is a food allergy.  She is currently on high dollar food & doing much better.  Between that & SEVERAL vet visits that first month - I might need to consider getting a 2nd job!  =)  I bragged too soon about her not having any accidents in the house; I think the night after I posted that she had 2!  She still has one every now & then, but overall - she has done great.  She has slept thru the night since day one but is an early bird.  Getting up at 5:45 on Saturday mornings has been rough....cause I am NOT an early bird. =) 
{Impromptu trip to McDonald's in our pj's one Saturday morning...followed by nap time}
{She has discovered that she REALLY likes my bed. 
So, as a treat, she gets to "nap" there every night before she goes to bed in her crate.}

I also celebrated my 36th birthday in February!  It scares me to see that in writing...cause now it's downhill to 40!!  But - 40's the new 30, right?!?  I celebrated that night with family & friends, Mexican food, margaritas & cake. 
This past weekend I helped host a shower for my baby brother & soon-to-be sister in law.  Good friends, bbq & beer...what more do you need?!?  Everything turned out really nice & I think everyone had a great time!  June 20th is going to be here before we know it!
The next few months are going to be crazy busy!  So many things going on, but definitely fun times ahead...and hopefully some sunshine.  I know it will only be a matter of time before I am counting down the days til cooler weather, football & Christmas, but for now - I am really wanting some {slightly} warmer temps.  I can't wait to get outside & work in my yard, do some landscaping, etc.  The current state of my backyard is about to make me have a nervous breakdown.  ;)

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