Tuesday, January 7, 2014

{NYC 2013: Day 3}

Thankfully, the weather cleared up & the sun came out on Wednesday because we had another full day planned.  After grabbing breakfast, we headed back to Macy's to take our picture with Santa.  What would a trip to NYC at Christmas be without a picture with Santa?!?  Macy's Santaland is really neat, but the wait to see Santa is normally hours long.  We hoped that by getting there early - we would avoid the crowds & we did!  And, apparently early mornings are for all the "big kids" because the line was mostly adults. =)
While Brenda & Lisa shopped for fun stuff at Macy's, I had to make a trip to B&H Photo to buy a new lens for my camera.  Monday afternoon, I dropped my camera & the lens broke.  Thankfully, the camera was ok & it was only my small lens.  So, $200 later - I was good to go.  I met back up with Brenda & Lisa and we headed back uptown to shop at Bloomingdale's & have lunch at Serendipity 3.  We have wanted to try it every time we are in NYC, but the wait is always 2+ hours long.  Fortunately, by getting there right when they opened, we only had a 15 minute wait.  They are known for their frozen hot chocolate...and WOW!  It was amazing!! Yes, it was as good as it looks!! 
After lunch we headed downtown to the Financial District to see the bull at Bowling Green, Wall Street, & the New York Stock Exchange.  We also had tickets to the 9/11 Memorial which is incredible.  I went to NYC for the first time a year after 9/11 happened.  They were still in the process of cleaning up and all of the memorials & pictures were still hanging on the fence around it.  It was the most moving thing I have ever seen & something I will never forget.  
Our original plan was to go to Brooklyn that night & walk back across the Brooklyn Bridge.  But, temps in the 20's and 20+mph winds changed that.  It was freezing!  So, we headed back to the hotel & got ready for supper.  Taurie, Tanner, & his family had made it to NYC on Wednesday so we had plans to meet them at a Mexican food restaurant that we went to last year called Tortilla Flats.  The food was good & the atmosphere was great {this is where Taurie hula hooped for tequila shots}.  Unfortunately, when we got there, the wait was 2 1/2 hours long so on the advice of someone there, we went to a "similar" restaurant a few blocks over called Suenos. It was so not the same as Tortilla Flats. The food was very pricey & not traditional Mexican food at all...everything was made from either goat or duck.  Seriously?!? What happened to cheese enchiladas??  I decided the mini beef tacos on the appetizer menu were the safest bet & let me tell you, they were mini.  They were the cutest little tacos ever. =) 
After saying our goodbyes, we headed back to the hotel for the night...without hula hooping or having any tequila shots.
WooHoo!  I am over halfway done for those that are still reading! =) 


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