Tuesday, October 1, 2013

{On The Road Again...}

Everyone knows by now that I LOVE Aggie football.  There is nothing quite like game day in Aggieland.  But, our move to the SEC means some pretty awesome road trips.  Fortunately, I am friends with a group of ladies who love Aggie football as much as I do so as soon as the 2013 schedule came out, the planning began.  Last year, we visited Ole Miss {which we loved}.  On the agenda for this year: Arkansas & LSU. 
This past weekend, we traveled to Fayetteville to watch the Aggies BTHO arkansas & it did not disappoint.  We left Friday morning {with enough stuff to last us a month...even though we were only going to be gone 3 days}. 
10 hours & lots of potty stops later - we arrived in Fayetteville. We checked into our hotel & then headed to campus to check out the football stadium & assess the parking situation for game day. Fayetteville has an area along Dickson Street which is much like Northgate in College Station - lots of bars & restaurants - so we headed there.  After supper and drinks at Grub's Bar & Grill and a stop at a bar called Lit, we headed to Springdale for Midnight Yell.
Saturday was game day!!  Unfortunately, there was a 70% of rain predicted for that afternoon/evening.  Major disappointment because I was REALLY hoping for some "real" fall weather while we were there.  No such luck.  After spending a few hours downtown Fayetteville, we headed to the stadium to tailgate.   

Right on cue, at about 2:30, the rain began.  And, it rained. A LOT. So for 2 hours, we hung out in the Student Center. Not quite the afternoon of tailgating we had planned.  Finally at around 4:30, it slowed enough for us to head to the Blue Bell tailgate for about an hour....RC Slocum even stopped by for a while!  Kickoff was at 6:00 so we headed into the stadium around 5:30. Nice stadium & awesome seats! 

Fortunately, we had a break from the rain during the first half of the game.  The Aggies scored on their opening drive & it looked like it might be a runaway.  Until Arkansas answered by scoring on their first drive.  In true Aggie fashion - we lived on the edge of our seat & really didn't know if we would pull it out til the 4th quarter.  Unfortunately, the rain returned in the second half so the last 2 quarters were pretty miserable.  Thankfully we pulled out the win so it made it all worth it!

It was an awesome trip!  I am so very fortunate to be able to do things like this.  The older I get, the more & more I realize just how short life is & how I need to enjoy it each & every day.  And that is what I am doing.  Thanks again ladies for another memorable road trip & I cannot wait til LSU...52 days & counting!!


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